Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Julian got a hole one while we laughed at Midnight Request Line by Skream on YouTube. He opened with "Grrrrreeeeaaaaaattttttt video mmmmmaaaaaaannnnnnggggg" and followed that with "This is just like 'Fly Like an Eagle' by The Steve Miller Band. Shit there are even chiptune arpeggios in it." I told him that he was welcome to shoot himself because of the song. He welcomed the opportunity and said "I'm going to take out my manrifle..." Lord.

xx Lektrogirl


Blogger ChiliLady said...

I wanted you to know, i really enjoy reading your blog and added you to my favourits! :-)
hope you have a great day!
Chililady from Austria

20 February 2008 14:39  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

Thanks Babes! Your blog is great too - the video of you as The Joker is creepy! [in a nice way.]


23 February 2008 18:48  
Blogger Alex Bok Bok said...

i dunno dubstep's a steaming turd and all but you cant really front on Request Line! I haven't seen the video i'm gonna go cehck it out. It cant be anywhere near as lolshite as the Night video wit that fucking squid...

25 February 2008 11:49  
OpenID cphbrains said...

hahaha, manrifle =)
what a charmeur

10 March 2008 16:51  

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