Tuesday, 1 July 2008


While Silverlink has been making variations on a theme revolving around the 'Black Issue' of Vogue Magazine for his Facebook profile this month 'Separate Toilets Anyone' etc etc I was in the mysteriously names Zavvi today [to get a replacement copy of Dark Habits by Almodovar] and noticed that they have a BLACK CINEMA section. It doesn't actually say it in big letters on the stand itself, only on the individual dividers for each movie. But it was there and it shocked me none the less. Particularly as the movies classified as BLACK CINEMA were Beverly Hills Cop and Beverly Hills Cop II, the one Beyonce was in etc. I don't know if they are BLACK CINEMA in so much as they have actors [I used that term loosely in Beyonce's case] who happen to be black.

xx Lektrogirl


Blogger Conroy Van Winkle said...

I noticed this aswel when it use to be virgin, basicaly any film with black folks in it, i took a snap and sent it to a friend and said, ''here's a section especially for you dear boy''.

2 July 2008 16:58  

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