Monday, 4 August 2008


From: John Davidson []
Sent: 04 August 2008 02:49
To: Emma Davidson
Subject: RE: sittin on me bum, bored to death on monday 4th August 2008. Needless to add, solitarily pissed off and ,and,and!

and. What's going on? Ma TELLS ME THE CR/CARD YOUR HOLDING OF HERS IS NOW OUT OF DATE? hOW T.F DO YOU MANAGE TO EAT.? (Fark) Cos I did y usual caps lock trick. Pay yer rent? PAY YER LECTRICITY? wHAT ABOUT THE ww1 MEDALS VALUE IN England? Not worth a fark to me. Just reminds me that I was only 15 when I joined up and therefore was taken off the draft to Africa in whick 33 of the 37 men in my platoon were killed. But that was yesterday, little mate. The strange thing about living to 83 is that my father was the one who strode into the adjutant's office in his officers outfit, complete with the War O ffice red band insig nia around his cap, and told the man '"get my boy 'off that draft or you'll be in trouble with the press " Which of cpurse was what happened, Not that I am currently enthralled with the fact 'he' saved my life. H e made it farkin miserable for us all during all the time he was around, especially mother. Still, no doubt your memories of me, which you will recount in the future will no doubt put me well in the shite. Ah well, can't win them all, if any?
Tell me about your mobile. H ave you got a new one yet? I sent a text to the last number on a text you sent me. But I don't know who got it. The mobile didn't say 'message has not been sent, and it's registered on my 'sent' list on me mobile, So fark knows?
Please farkin email your correct address. Your mother says she can't remember it, and gorgets to look for it for me. She doesn't take me home anymore. She says it's too cold at home, and she has paperwork spread all over the ding room floor(and prolly the boyfriends' underclothes, shirt, etc lying around the bedroom. tHOUGH AT 66 SHE MAY BE PAST/PASSED it? Can't grumble. I don't think I would manage to get laid at my ripe old age? Which past/passed is right. I never remember?

Try hard to answer this email. Because IA worry about you , yoy little farker. Love from yer ol' Dad. At 83 I haven't got many emailing days left. So p.y.ff. out and work it on the keyboars.XXXX


I love my Dad. I dreamt I was homesick though and went back to Australia and within two hours of being there I was homesick for my house and wanted to come back home. I don't know which is home any more. I also dreamt that a huge white snake tried to eat my laundry and was terrifying me. And there was another dream full of dogs and cats. Dogs, cats, snakes and Freud anyone?

xx Lektrogirl

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