Tuesday, 28 October 2008


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Tonight after work I went to dinner with CIB and as usual - discussed old times. She reminded me all about the two lesbians from upstairs with the cat called Daisy and how they accused CIB of being racist. It wasn't the fact one of them was black that made us make jokes on the sofa at night - it was that this particular woman was fucking UGLY and really horrid.

Through the course of the evening I had a moment that was the re-enactment of an anime fantasy movie. I walked into an unlocked toilet at a Japanese restaurant to see a small and pretty pregnant Japanese woman with gorgeous long shiny hair pissing and about to wipe herself. She looked at me with surprise and twinkling eyes and I stepped back and apologised. When the girl came out, I recognised her immediately - it was Hiroe! I haven't seen her in YEARS and we were both so relieved to see that we weren't strangers - it seemed less embarrassing. We laughed so hard. Apparently the whole restaurant had turned to the corridor to see what the noise was... Anyway... it was a beautiful moment and there you go. I was happy to see Hiroe even if it was on the loo.

Later that night I found myself walking down Raydon Street singing "Bright Eyes" with the lines "How could a fire that burnt so brightly suddenly turn so pale..." or whatever it is over and over in my head... I realised I had lost one of my black leather gloves on the way home and I was mourning the loss from my life. I loved those gloves. I bought them from Dickens and Jones when it was still there. Never mind. I have a new shop in The Burlington Arcade where I will get my new pair. Even so... "Bright eyes..." Good bye sad lonely glove wherever you are.

xx Lektrogirl


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