Monday, 3 November 2008


I can't concentrate on anything properly today. I have about 6 applications open getting my work done trying to keep up with everything and listening to some bangers from TTC and DJ Guy. I walked out of my bosses office to hear blaring from my office "Big Pussy... Big Bitch..." Thankfully no clients or candidates in. But my head is bouncing around and I just want to get back home onto my sofa and watch Law And Order etc. So tragic. I will also spend a moment doing a Sainsbury's online shop etc. 35 and what a life.

Anyway soon 36! Can you imagine! So immature. The best way to be. With Stockholm behind me [except for the jar of salted liquorice on my desk just like Johan's] I am now looking forward to Zurich like you wouldn't believe. I CAN'T WAIT.

In other news, I am missing Nixon. All the girls in the office love him too. They all want to be his girlfriend. He is the same colour as liquorice and just as lovely.


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