Monday, 24 November 2008


I blog less cause I have a life, but not a life that is really worth blogging about. But it is because finally I am 'doing something' much to the relief of those who hated my blog cause I would write incessantly about all the nothing I was doing, tiling, drinking, watching TV, checking out YouTube and gossiping. Now I have 'got a life' I don't have time for all the fun stuff [though I can buy new shoes whenever I want and a Sonia Rykiel BIJOUX keyring - not the crappy SONIA by Sonia Rykiel - on my lunch break cause I was feeling blue and didn't need to check my bank balance] and do nothing all day. I like doing nothing.

Today / tonight of having a life involved a really crappy day when a co-worker's employment ended, then going out with Lord Fauntleroy and making him squirm for the time he called me a racist Australian. We had a good time though cause I got to tell him all my gossip and he told me his. I had the macaroni cheese [again] at the place I went with once with Mrs V and Covvo on Old Compton Street but can't remember the name.

Valeria and I have been approached for an interview for now for some German DVD project thing. And Lord Fauntleroy and I talked about a different kind of site structure - something that The Web Stalker also mentioned to me as well.

God I'm talking boring shit now - my head is really just swimming around listening to that track by Kelley Polar "A Feeling Of The All-Thing"

xx Lektrogirl


Anonymous Valeria said...

Who's this Lord Fauntleroy bloke ? I wonder. Oh Emma, I post less porn cause I got a life too, which includes interviewing people and spending the week-end in meltdown, as you know. But I'm gonna find other cool pictures, such as "my girl encased and bound in pantyhose". Oh, I wish we had text. Shall we Tumblr ?

25 November 2008 02:44  

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