Monday, 10 November 2008


This morning on the way to work, some stupid slag sneezed right on my hand while i played golf solitare on my nokia e71. There was no wet stuff but i flinched and grimaced never the less. you know what slag bag did? She just looked at me and SMILED. What a scrag end with her hair not even parted properly and doughy face and horrid shoes that looked like bouncy castles.

Later i got off the tube on oxford st and made my way through the pissing rain and puddles fulls of paper pulp trying to look elegant and nonplussed by the vulgarity of the weather.

It wasnt until i got to the corner where the man with the tattooed legs usually stand and sells the big issue i smiled cause someone had made a sign on a piece of brown card and tied it to a lamp post 'smile its monday!!!!'

Xx lektrogirl


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