Friday, 7 November 2008


Guys - this is a real girls post so maybe look away.

Ends again in a fucking hangover... WHY?!

Cocktails at The Diner. Which aren't even that great - but I like the Fame and Fortune and the close proximity to my work. So two of those with Lee and a long wait for our table and for The Cardinal to show her face. IN THE SAME DRESS I BOUGHT LAST WEEK and wore on my dinner date with The Swede. We laughed cause our Venn Diagram doesn't often cross with clothes. We can never pick outfits for each other. Lee was wearing a shirt I had seen tho. And Abbie was wearing a great cardigan. Which turned out to be Lee's.

25 Ganton Street
Tel: 0207 494 4170

Server: Viola
Table: 15/1
Guests: 3 [which actually became 5]

Pittacum Bottle 29.50 [INCREDIBLE red!!]
Palacio / Glass 3.95
Padron Peppers 3.75 [Cardinal and I felt the pain!]
Boquerones 3.25 [Felt sorry I had to share]
Spanish Hams 8.75
Pork Belly 6.25 [the Cardinals fave]
Crispy Squid 5.75 [prefer Yauatcha truth be known]
Gnocchi x2 8.00
Sour Dough 2.50
Nastro x 3 8.85
Cod Croquette 4.75
3 Manchegos 7.25
Santigo Tart 5.00
Roast Pear 5.00

Subtotal 103.35
Gratuity 12.79
Total 116.14

Thank you for your custom.
Please visit us again soon.
VAT: 853 644 215

This was my desert. Roast Pear, Honeycomb, Lavender Ice Cream. Don't cry cause I didn't share it with you.

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