Wednesday, 12 November 2008


It is a bright morning, conducive to bright spirits and a skip in your step. I still got to work and sank into my chair a bit HMLing. Whatever. That is just how it is. Then my camera and knickers arrive from Stockholm - one I left on the dining room table - it would be up to you to guess which. So I got to take some pictures out the window from my office. There is a beautiful church with free concerts and all sorts. It makes me want to attend the services some times.

Then I had a call, and the voice said at the other end "It's Antony." I couldn't think who the fuck it was. Until he said "The cab driver." Antony Price, menswear designer to Brian Ferry and Duran Duran and I have a little joke about his mini cab driver dress sense. Apparently Nick Rhodes advised Antony to buy a Mac back in the day and Antony regrets doing so, and requires me to come and have a look at it. So come Sunday, Antony, who tells me that I am the mind of a man trapped in the body of a woman and have the same kind of behaviour as Yasmin Le Bon, will be cooking me a roast chicken while I inspect the innards of his computer with Max Karie and I guffawing at Antony's hilarious stories. Shit - I should have told Antony I wanted gravy and not apple sauce which is what Max always asks for. That is something mega to look forward too.

xx Lektrogirl


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