Monday, 9 February 2009


Well not a proper God prayer on my knees. But I'm suddenly having a meltdown all in the dark in bed with winter seeming like it is stretching on for infinity, shit still hitting the fan, still not getting my head above water. Already I'm dreading getting up tomorrow. Tho' smug cause I did an amazing job on a new test layout for lameatnames Val and I have been talking about for ages. But still I feel like I'm stuck in a cardboad box, in a cardboard box, in a cardboard box with a million more boxes with their leaves getting taped shut on top of me. Please no.


Blogger Iris said...

I hear you - feb is the most depressing month - thoughts of self harm just waft in ....
i was in st james park yesterday with chilli and it was full of cute animals and snowdrops and stuff - it gave me hope - spring is springing

9 February 2009 12:01  
Blogger Gash With The Cash said...

Feel that one. I'm blaming it on the weather.

10 February 2009 18:59  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

ladies: nice to hear from you both.

since then in fact, the prayer came true in a way. the sun came out, and cryptically i can only say "the sun came out". if it lasts longer than from sunrise to sunset i will tell you all about it.

11 February 2009 12:02  

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