Monday, 9 March 2009


If I had charged everyone a pound to come and watch me take part in a Qi Gong class I would have been super rich I am sure, but I have to say that it wasn't that bad and Valeria - la maladiction de la shalolin temple - even said it wasn't that funny watching me do it cause I was okay at it. Any so after making 2000 chicon jokes and Qi Gong jokes and jokes about my Qi, I have to say that I also felt like I had a good spring in my step this morning on my way to work and a nice sense of balance in the way everything was going. Suddenly, a slice of bread landed at my feet from the sky when I was on Magdala Avenue. Had I not been so in tune with the universe, that bread could have hit me on the head. Foruntately though, my efforts on Sunday morning did me a good service and put me in step with my true pathway which was not to get hit on the head or shoulder by a slice of white crust from a cheap loaf.

Oh what a day!

xx Lektrogirl



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