Sunday, 1 March 2009


A movie not to be missed.

And for the ladies

xx Lektrogirl

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Blogger Madame said...

We never see the "twins" on screen at the same time though do we? That trailer is like being told off, I feel a bit shaken after being shouted at like that!!!

5 March 2009 10:31  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

then you should only watch "sweet banana" if you can't take the heat from TWIN BRODDAS!!!!

6 March 2009 12:18  
Blogger Was There Then said...

What the fuck is Twin Broddas actually about?

8 March 2009 16:01  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

I think the general vibe of the movie is summed up in the following line you see in the trailer: "You haf to show him dat you care! Dats de bottom line! Hmm Hmm!"

8 March 2009 17:40  
Blogger Was There Then said...

Credit to the producers as well, they did the get kid from Different Strokes into their film.

10 March 2009 08:28  
Anonymous superduck said...

this is freaking genius! twin broddas, hmmm hm! horray for nollywood!

22 April 2009 13:05  
Anonymous SUPERDUCK said...

remake featuring duke n joe as the TWIN BRODDAS??!

22 April 2009 13:05  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

the twin broddas - one is tiny and one is tall. i think the better remake would be:

pippa brooks, soho madame gives birth to twins. in the dead of night, one of the babies are snatched and nick abrahams replaces himself to be brought up as the child of pippa brooks. the stolen twin [joe] is brought up by night club hosts, drag queens and sailors [loads of sequins, runwayshows and crumping]. the only person who suspects something is wrong is duke. vowing to take vengance on the evil forces of the universe, he dons his starwars outfit and searches out his real brother. cause they are twin broddas. and dat is de bottom line hmmmmmm hm!

22 April 2009 14:48  
Anonymous Mrs Gorman said...

i think there is a dubbed in "hm hm" at 26 seconds on Sweet Banana...

23 April 2009 13:33  

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