Saturday, 27 February 2010


Cant think of a better name than the above. Pissed again in the back of a taxi - cherry sour cocktails.

Met with the Lektrolab girls talking aboout the things we did. We never normally talk about it much or congratulate ourselves on what we acheived. we talked again about the superflex social pudding project which is one of my favourites. I miss Mikael come to think of it. I should visit Denmark again. Maybe the collective Lektrolab will do something again but this time more about having ideas, coming together and networking, sharing knowledge. I would like to have an endless dinner table and cook for dozens of people.

I would like him to kiss my neck with his hand on my tit.

The other Him Mrs K and I found out from Dora was born on Sunday and beats people with a cane for being wicked. But because He is Sunday, it is like being mad and throwing a stone at a computer and then straight afterwards feeling sorry He did it. That is Sunday people.

And I haven't written about Paris yet.

Xx Lektrogirl


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