Saturday, 14 April 2007

Weekend In Hamburg

I spent Easter in my beloved Hamburg seeing some of my bestie faves. It was a total chill out cause my head had been totally fried by my cold and hard work.

The first day in Hamburg can be summed up by me commenting an unused tampon rolling lonely down the Reeperbahn, having a lengthly converstation that a brand of tissues my friend Booty has is identical to a repackaged brand for sale in the UK, learning new German words by reading a kids magazine about horses. Schwein gehabt! It ended on an even bigger bum note cause there was some shit Hard Techno DJ's at the Pudel. They were so boring even the DJ's were sitting down.

The next night was EXCELLENT. Booty was DJing with Pirouette at Elbe76 - an awesome restaurant run by my friend Hannah. We had dinner and then drank a lot.

I managed to see the new Scooter video on MTV. It's pretty weak.

It can be described as a cover version of Culture Beat's Mr. Vain by H.P. Baxxter's old band Celebrate the Nun.

I also got to catch up on Flavor of Love. If you didn't catch it yet you should.

When Hottie served up the raw chicken she cooked in the microwave with vegetables stuff up it's but I nearly laughed til I cried. And that one called New York! Mentalist!

Later dudes xx Lektrogirl

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