Wednesday, 18 June 2008


TWO TIMES IN ONE DAY!! First my Auntie sent me an email about the YearOfTheDragonWikkid.doc which is basically a number/list thing chain letter. I did it just because I was actually really busy today and when that happens, anything to procrastinate. The upshot of the Auntie chain email thing is that Pippa Brooks knows me well, Jasmine is my Lucky Star, the song A$$ Clap by Khia makes me think of Silverlink, I connect the song Hairbraider with my ex Paul [I know!! MEGALOLZ!!] who I really care about but just don't get along with This Guy's In Love with You by Sasha Distel is my state of mind and I'm In Luv With A Stripper is how I feel about life. SO RANDOM. I am supposed to pass the email onto 9 other people due to the number I wrote down at the beginning of the whole questionnaire but as I really am not into this kind of thing at all I wasn't going to bother.

Then LOW AND BEHOLD Pippa Brooks you know my top lady friend cursed me with a plague sent to her via Paul Gorman of the Look Presents Blog.

The rules are set by Simon Reynolds [dunno who he is]: “List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to.” Only I don't know 7 other people who write blogs so I won't be spreading this around. It is true - I am that self obsessed. However please if you feel the urge feel free to post your top 7 as a comment to this post. Remember you can post with Live ID [remember that hideous moment when I had to switch of anonymous posts cause of the shit stirrer trying to make trouble between me and my ex and his new girlf? LOLZ - it didn't work! The 'alleged perpetrator' of that posting crime is now single. I hope they are crying their eyes out on their pillow every night... Awww that wasn't very nice of me. But that is cause I'm such a bad person I guess.]

So here are my 7 tracks:

Khia My Neck My Back

Well I am not ACTUALLY listening to this song at all - but it is rolling around in my head due to the substantial neck injury I have sustained recently. I have to comment that my neck has improved a whole lot more today after receiving an amazing massage that I was trying not to enjoy too much and keeping my knees together cause I was in the presence of children as well as a total babe. Khia always reminds me of Pippa - because she used to have the Thug Missus CD. That is still a joke like 6 or 7 years later.

Amon Duul II Archangel Thunderbird

I KNOW!! A Prog Rock track made by Krauts while lying in bed and tripping on acid. In fact the comments on YouTube are like "chaos6270 (1 month ago) best version of this is on the live in london album did some good trips to that." SO NOT ME but I love this song. Please excuse the hideous video. It was the least offensive I could find.

Kap Bambino New Breath

I'd also like to sneak in SAVE by Kap Bambino as well but I don't want to expend too many of my choices to the same band. I think I might have post them before as well.

Roger Miller Dang Me

This song reminds me of my father getting totally shit faced and listening to his Roger Miller album and singing this song over and over. I remember him from when I was really little driving home drunk, coming out of the car covered in sick and my mum having to hose him down in the back yard.
There are a number of Roger Miller videos on YouTube but only from when he is an old man with too much Botox.
Okay so obviously it looks like I dunno WTF I am doing cause I forgot about this song SLK - Hype Hype and but liked the story of my vomiting father. The Cardinal and I after enough to drink will be bouncing down any Dalston Street getting all Hype Hype. Oh and old jokes! I used to crack Nameless up singing round the house "Hype Hype Lotion Hype Hype Lotion Gonna Get You Wid Da Hype Hype Errrrghhh".

Scooter Maria

This version is the remix of the original song, featuring Dick Rules, and DJ Mark Acardipane. So fucking hard to pick which Scooter song I love the best but this is pretty fantastic. Guaranteed to get me super hyped at the right time! Watching this makes me miss all my family in Hamburg that I never get to see enough.
And OMG you need to check them out back in the day.
Okay and before they were a rave band, they were THIS:


Pineapples Come Closer

Best song. I love this so much. This is how I feel when I fall in love and get all mushy and teenage again. The best feeling ever.

Ginuwine Pony

Those who know me, know that this song is on my ALL TIME GREATEST SONGS EVER OF EVER EVER EVER and whenever it comes on where ever I am I am just flipping out all over the room.
Like these two...
I am trying to make head or tail of this video as I type. I bet her mother must be proud. And I bet that guy is really proud of himself.
So awkward.
And who was the camera person?

And as an aside to this whole 7 videos thing

J Smoov in the parking lot. How is that that kids the the UK can only come up with shanking in the 02 centre carpark here in Finchley Road? Shouldn't they be up to a load of sexual healing in the sunshine good times with their homes after training on the track team Stateside?

xx Lektrogirl

Another reason why I hate writing lists like this is now today if I were to list again, it would be TOTALLY different. I mean, I forgot Sexy Results that I listen to once a day, In Flagranti, Tom Ware, Hikashu, YMO blah blah and DJ mixes from all my favourite usual suspects - DJ Venom, DJ Guy, Bok Bok & Manara, Goon & Koyote, Bitch Ass Darius etc.

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Monday, 9 July 2007

größe möse

Check out Bok Bok. He is making the big fanny hands like HP Baxxter from Scooter did on VIVA once. And 7 years later me and my friends still make the same joke. Though I'm not sure if I'm spelling größe möse right.

And a note for further thought - let's direct our attention to Bok Boks yellow hanky:
YELLOW - pisser/WS OR piss freak
YELLOW [Pale] - spits OR drool crazy
MUSTARD - hung 8"+ OR wants 8"+
GOLD - two looking for one OR one looking for two

He is a graphic designer. Let's see what colour he describes his hanky as... And Sara's yellow flowers don't count.

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. FAGGATRONIX are very cool. This post is in no way a dis. So don't read this ASBO and sending round secret emails to people and try and stir up trouble.

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Saturday, 2 June 2007

The Best and Wurst

BLUMCHEN: Boomerang

This is how all German girls were in 1996

MODO: Eins Zwei Polizei

I started to learn German with this killer track

NICK BEAT: Technodisco

DAISY DEE: Open Sesame

She was a TV presenter on Club Rotation - the best show on Viva2. And married to the head of some record label in Germany. "Check it out Chicky Babes"!!

SCOOTER: Maria [I Like It Loud]

Also featuring Dick Rules.


I'd forgotten about the awesome intro to this track.

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Saturday, 14 April 2007

Weekend In Hamburg

I spent Easter in my beloved Hamburg seeing some of my bestie faves. It was a total chill out cause my head had been totally fried by my cold and hard work.

The first day in Hamburg can be summed up by me commenting an unused tampon rolling lonely down the Reeperbahn, having a lengthly converstation that a brand of tissues my friend Booty has is identical to a repackaged brand for sale in the UK, learning new German words by reading a kids magazine about horses. Schwein gehabt! It ended on an even bigger bum note cause there was some shit Hard Techno DJ's at the Pudel. They were so boring even the DJ's were sitting down.

The next night was EXCELLENT. Booty was DJing with Pirouette at Elbe76 - an awesome restaurant run by my friend Hannah. We had dinner and then drank a lot.

I managed to see the new Scooter video on MTV. It's pretty weak.

It can be described as a cover version of Culture Beat's Mr. Vain by H.P. Baxxter's old band Celebrate the Nun.

I also got to catch up on Flavor of Love. If you didn't catch it yet you should.

When Hottie served up the raw chicken she cooked in the microwave with vegetables stuff up it's but I nearly laughed til I cried. And that one called New York! Mentalist!

Later dudes xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 28 March 2007


1] POUPÉE FLASH - Première Class
Language: French

This song is from a Belgian group in 1982 and it is incredible. I got my copy of the 12" from a guy called Rico in Brussels. I have been in love with this song for a long time. Then I decided with my band, The Fonts, to cover Poupée Flash [Shiny Doll]. You can hear the cover of the song
on The Fonts MySpace page. Look out from the aditional bugged out rap by MC Tighty Whitey. He's really smuggling plums.

2]TUERLICH TUERLICH [Sicher dicker] - Das Bo
Language: German

The summer this came out I was spending a lot of time in Hamburg. Das Bo is from Hamburg and Hamburg is my home by heart. Last time I went back to Germany to DJ apparently my friends Ralf and Booty Carrol were saying over a hair cut like "Oh it will be so good to Lektrogirl. And everyone will know Lektrogirl is in town when she plays Tuerlich Tuerlich at that moment in the party." Everyone was disappointed I didn't have the record with me...

3] G'DAY G'DAY - Slim Dusty
Language: Australian

My mother woke early every day of the week. Every day she had the same routine, go to the kitchen, put the radio on, put the dishes away from the night before. On Sunday's the radio show was "Macca on a Sunday Morning" and a track that got A LOT of airplay was this.

Language: French

This is neither a video of TTC nor TTC playing in the background of the video. But I found this clip while searching for UNE BANDE DE MECS SYMPAS on YouTube. Phillipa Cardinal shows the TTC track some face when she is DJing. She's cool. And hot.

5] VAMOS A LA PLAYA - Righeira
Language: Spanish

This song transcends the language barrier and united millions on the dancefloor with sangria in their hand. Now you can watch this Spanish mega hit sung by two Italians subtitled in Dutch.

6] C'EST COMME CA - Les Rita Mitsouko
Language: French


7] A track by Supermerka2
Language: Argentinan

8] HYPER HYPER - Scooter
Language: German

Look I know he he is saying words in English but really - no-one speaks English like that except a German. And let's not pick at hairs here - Do you really understand what the fuck he is saying?!

Well, this list is by no means exclusive cause there are a gang more I would like to include. But this 8 will do for now.

xx Lektrogirl

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