Friday, 15 June 2007

One Mojito too many...

So tonight was kind of warm but rainy. I sat just off Brick Lane with Roxy from work after a pretty full on day - after being a wee bit hung over from the night before. Well the think that totally spun me out the most was I just turned my head from double fisting the PC's [one for internet and Excel and the other for Sage] only to say Katharine Hamnett standing in the middle of the studio in her gruds. She got all shy, but I was totally glued and could only say to her "Typical Katharine!!" Later she told me that she didn't like her body at all. She is getting a free bus pass this year. You should see her in the studio in just her underwear. She is amazing!! Then later she told me she wanted to get rid of her stomach and she said she felt really big and that she wanted to go swimming but she needed someone to go with her - looking straight at me. Thing is I'm a total leisure slut and the only excercise I do is getting out of my chair to get a halfie halfie or a double peanut butter from the caf**. The only time I freak out about how I look is when I go shopping and I see my thighs in the mirror at H&M - their mirrors are really aweful. I of course for the most part am amazing. The problem is with the mirrors.

So there I was totally drunk already sitting off Brick Lane - and I must have been pissed cause I was scrolling through my phone thinking.... "Ben... Who is Ben? I don't know any Ben's... I'll just call and find out." So I ended up inadvertantly calling Spanish Ramiro [That's Hot] who was on holiday riding his bike around Tuscon in America then Asbo D who sounded really stressed out and I got all maternal feeling and worried. He told me Faggatronix were playing at Catch - the worst bar in Shoreditch - but I wanted to go and see Sara and Bok Bok again because I think they are really funny and amazing. Sara told me an incredible story that involved street sweepers, garbage trucks, speaking Russian and a bag of flyers and a dress and something about a film where a man gets stabbed anyway. Bok Bok told me that the first album he ever bought was by Korn. RESPEKT! <---SOOOOO Awesome. [He probably meant CD tho' of course.] My first record was a 12" by L.L. Cool J.

Okay so whatev's
** a halfie halfie is my special name for an OJ: half OJ and half water. My mother was really cheap and we weren't allowed to drink the OJ neat. It was always pissy watery. But now Hammed maked it just like I like it.
And a double peanut butter is 2 pieces of wholemeal with peanut butter. Durrrr.

Im tired now. Night night

xx Lektrogirl

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