Thursday, 7 June 2007


Bone Thugs AND Twista and I'm gonna be in Paris! Brains and I were walking through Shoreditch after dinner at Green and Red - totally delicious - and we saw the poster for the gig. We planned to go and I was gutted when I realised that I was gonna be away in Paris. So immediately Brains called Prancehall. Funnily enough, we turned the corner and the pair of them bumped into each other.

The Chris OC came up and told me all about his work placement at the House of Harlot on Holloway Road making bespoke fetish shoes. Apparently they have been making some shoes for Madonna with heels like a horse. Also we got on to talking about Bone Thugs and Chris OC told me again about how his Dad is in the limo business back in the states and he has been driving Three Six Mafia about.

I have to say that these comfortable pumps are more the kind of thing I'm into:

But I didn't get them - I already bought the winter high tops that are lines with sheep skin but only wore them once so far cause they got a tiny drop of red wine on them.

Speaking of shoes, check out Brains steelo:

Socks were a give from me in Liverpool from some "Head Shop" and the shoes we got in New York in '05 when we were there for the Bent Festival [circuit bending thing]. We went to Alife where Brains got some pimping Bo Jackson limited edition grey and yellow Nike cross trainers then on the way back to the subway we took a wrong turn and ended up in some rotten sporting surplus store full of mostly pink Timbaland booties for girls etc. But it was in there Brains found the Rasta New Balance.

Okay - I'm trying to also watch a repeat episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation at the same time as write this so I'm Audi 5G.

xx Lektrogirl

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