Monday, 11 June 2007

A note about my father

About the G-Spot.

One day I received a telephone call from my father about this matter. The conversation went like this.
Dad: Im just ringing to tell you I have a copy of Gray’s Anatomy in my hand and after 75 years I’ve just learnt where the woman’s clitoris is.
Me: Oh really? [not sure where my old man is going with this]
Dad: In fact, right now I could put my finger out and touch it if I wanted to.
Me: Errr… [should this be freaking me out? Still not sure]
Dad: And the G-Spot. I could get your mother and touch her right on it if she would have a bar of me.
Me: [Phew, no worries.] Dad if you’ve been married to mum for this long and you only just found where her clitoris is I’m not surprised she won’t let you within an inch of her.

With that Dad hangs up the phone laughing till he coughs up phlegm.

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Blogger Sara T said...

holy shit this slays me

12 June 2007 13:58  

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