Monday, 16 June 2008


OUT NOW!!!, originally uploaded by bok_bok.

BOK BOK AND MANARA MIX - nice for waking up to.

01 * Big MIDI intro
02 * DROP THE LIME - Like Thunder
03 * SCREAMA - Bones
04 * DJ DEEON - Ok
05 * KINGDOM - Bang (Vocal Dub)
06 * BURGA BOY - I Can Love You
07 * Oh Oscillator interlude
08 * MR VIRGO - Hypnotiq
09 * TRC - Freak Me ft ZOE & SCREAMA
10 * BOY 8 BIT - Suspense Is Killing Me (DROP THE LIME remix)
11 * NASTEE BOI - Mussy Mad '08 ft E-MAN
12 * AGENT X - Skanked
13 * DJ ABSURD - Hats To The Back
14 * A DOT R - Flippin Hell ft GRINDSTARR
15 * LEIF - Black Magic
16 * STICKY - Ganjaman
18 * DJ DEEON - Acceler8
19 * JON E CASH - War
20 * DJ MATABAYA ft DJ VR - O Puro
21 * DS1 - Lockoff
22 * JUMPIN' JACK FROST - Pornography
23 * MIDI Nation outro

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Wednesday, 16 April 2008


I lifted this from Bok Bok's Flickr where he is keen to point out:

1 - I did NOT say we're aiming at a trendy shoreditch audience. Slugs is a SOUTHSIDE ting.
2 - I said that bit about FWD off the record, can't believe they quoted me on it

I'm really looking forward to Night Slugs 2 even though I do feel like a paedo standing at the edge of a school playground. And I never saw so many checked shirts in one room.

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 15 March 2008


My bestie faves Bok Bok and Manara are starting their residency at their party called - NIGHT SLUGS - London's first and only club dedicated to 4x4 / heavy bass music / global gutter house @ the legendary REDSTAR, Camberwell. DJ Venom is gonna play classic freestyle. I wonder if he has The Sisters with Destiny?

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Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Remember when they used to be called Faggatronix? I don't any more cause now they roll by their government names, Bok Bok and Manara.

Bok Bok and Manara have done another mix, this time for Mad Decent Worldwide Radio.

01 . intro
02 . DJ MURKZ - datz me
03 . TRC - toybox
04 . CHEEKSTA - baby (T2 remix)
05 . EJ - u.f.o
06 . JTJ - love
07 . DA MIGHTY BLAZE - trojan warrior
08 . TS7 - smile ft TONIA
09 . PALEFACE & FLUKES - salt slugs
10 . DEXPLICIT - lifey
11 . TRC - best things ft SCREAMA
12 . DJ MURKZ - dark and grey
13 . DJ Q - fear
14 . NITRO - its you
15 . DEXPLICIT - might be ft GEMMA FOX
16 . IRONSOUL - you liar
17 . MERKURY - my all
18 . ZOMBY - spliff dub (MR FIGZ remix)

As you all know I think that shit music - I can't remember what it is even called now - the music at that crap rave in the squat I went to that stunk of onion bhajis and wet toilets - is shit. But as I have discussed previously, I like "niche". What a stupid effing name. I mean - IDM too. LOL. Niche is like a non-name name where some dude at the record store didn't know what to call a few records so he put them in the corner and called them niche. I should ask Prancehall if he wasn't hating on me so much. Surely he knows everything about everything.

Anyway so I listened to the new Bok Bok and Manara mix today while I painted the living room. It certainly made the task a lot more bearable. The mix is great - even if I wasn't into all the tracks individually. Bok Bok and Manara are my favourite UK DJ's. DJ Goon and DJ Koyote are my favourite French DJ's [see BOYZ II MEN video a coupla posts down HA.]

Oh shit - I'm listening to DJ Guy while I type. He is pretty incredible too...

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 2 December 2007


Left - Philippa's coconut three layered sponge cake. DELICIOUS!!
Right - Sara's Victoria sponge with musical candle with glitter icing. INCREDIBLE!!

Cheers to me and the beautiful cake we are about to eat!!

If the truth be told, Hamburg's answer to Beyonce had been drinking Kir Royales for breakfast at Balans with Nameless.

This was my Duck and Puy Lentil dinner. It was delicious.

And here are two of the better behaved dinner companions that joined me - the rest were screaming animals all over The Star!! Joe and Duke I think really had a good time with Alex's son Harry and some boy they met called Jake.

Look at all that gorgeous hair! We could make wigs for a load of people!

I wish Carrie was coming.

Here is me and Dal. We have a deep spiritual love. Unfortunately it will never bloom into anything else cause he told me I need to grow a dick.

Thanks everyone for the gazillion birthday messages this year!! I LOVE YOU!!

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. I just got AIM airpie from Sara Manara cause she told me that Faggatronix are working on their new mix of hits for '07. I CAN'T WAIT to hear it.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2007


How was Jodie Harsh?


Thursday, 9 August 2007



Faggatronix are an awesome DJ tag team - Bok Bok and Manara. They have a new mix out now which I have been listening to at work and at home - and I would in the car if I had one.

brand new hotness


01 * ? - set your body free [CROOKERS remix] / DJ TAMEIL - i smell pussy
02 * L-VIS 1990 - change the game
03 * STICKY - dr who
04 * FAGGATRONIX - broken promises
05 * DND - got myself together
06 * THE OUTHERE BROTHERS - wiggle wiggle
07 * UNKLEJAM - lova ya [HERVE remix]
08 * DIZZEE RASCAL - stop dat [BOK BOK's SE5 refix]
09 * STARKEY - noreaster riddim
10 * ACID JACKS - mookie
11 * STICKY & GAPPY - inna da dancehall [D&G mix]
12 * DROP THE LIME - come 2 life
13 * FLO-RIDA - birthday
14 * CROOKERS - aguas de parco
15 * LIVE O - dirty skankin
16 * DJ ASSAULT - kill the bitch
17 * DEXPLICIT - good for me
18 * DROP THE LIME - big malice
19 * DJ TRAJIC - 1 2 3 4 all the ladies on the floor
20 * I ROBOTS - frau [BOYS NOIZE remix]
21 * WES FIF ft B.O.B - haterz everywhere
22 * J MIXER - let it all go
23 * H20 - what's it gonna be ft Platinum
24 * T2 - salsa
25 * Keisha Tara Shonda Sabrina Crysta Daronda Theresa Felicia Tenisha Sha'von Monica Monique Christina outro

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Monday, 9 July 2007

größe möse

Check out Bok Bok. He is making the big fanny hands like HP Baxxter from Scooter did on VIVA once. And 7 years later me and my friends still make the same joke. Though I'm not sure if I'm spelling größe möse right.

And a note for further thought - let's direct our attention to Bok Boks yellow hanky:
YELLOW - pisser/WS OR piss freak
YELLOW [Pale] - spits OR drool crazy
MUSTARD - hung 8"+ OR wants 8"+
GOLD - two looking for one OR one looking for two

He is a graphic designer. Let's see what colour he describes his hanky as... And Sara's yellow flowers don't count.

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. FAGGATRONIX are very cool. This post is in no way a dis. So don't read this ASBO and sending round secret emails to people and try and stir up trouble.

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Friday, 15 June 2007

One Mojito too many...

So tonight was kind of warm but rainy. I sat just off Brick Lane with Roxy from work after a pretty full on day - after being a wee bit hung over from the night before. Well the think that totally spun me out the most was I just turned my head from double fisting the PC's [one for internet and Excel and the other for Sage] only to say Katharine Hamnett standing in the middle of the studio in her gruds. She got all shy, but I was totally glued and could only say to her "Typical Katharine!!" Later she told me that she didn't like her body at all. She is getting a free bus pass this year. You should see her in the studio in just her underwear. She is amazing!! Then later she told me she wanted to get rid of her stomach and she said she felt really big and that she wanted to go swimming but she needed someone to go with her - looking straight at me. Thing is I'm a total leisure slut and the only excercise I do is getting out of my chair to get a halfie halfie or a double peanut butter from the caf**. The only time I freak out about how I look is when I go shopping and I see my thighs in the mirror at H&M - their mirrors are really aweful. I of course for the most part am amazing. The problem is with the mirrors.

So there I was totally drunk already sitting off Brick Lane - and I must have been pissed cause I was scrolling through my phone thinking.... "Ben... Who is Ben? I don't know any Ben's... I'll just call and find out." So I ended up inadvertantly calling Spanish Ramiro [That's Hot] who was on holiday riding his bike around Tuscon in America then Asbo D who sounded really stressed out and I got all maternal feeling and worried. He told me Faggatronix were playing at Catch - the worst bar in Shoreditch - but I wanted to go and see Sara and Bok Bok again because I think they are really funny and amazing. Sara told me an incredible story that involved street sweepers, garbage trucks, speaking Russian and a bag of flyers and a dress and something about a film where a man gets stabbed anyway. Bok Bok told me that the first album he ever bought was by Korn. RESPEKT! <---SOOOOO Awesome. [He probably meant CD tho' of course.] My first record was a 12" by L.L. Cool J.

Okay so whatev's
** a halfie halfie is my special name for an OJ: half OJ and half water. My mother was really cheap and we weren't allowed to drink the OJ neat. It was always pissy watery. But now Hammed maked it just like I like it.
And a double peanut butter is 2 pieces of wholemeal with peanut butter. Durrrr.

Im tired now. Night night

xx Lektrogirl

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