Thursday, 27 December 2007


I found out last night I don't have to be back at work until the 7th January. Amazing only a little bit of a bummer cause I can't change my ticket home cause the flights are fully booked. Boo hoo me. I think I will either go to Paris for a few days, or re-tile the bathroom and put in a shower. Both are as exciting as far as I am concerned but not sure which it is gonna be. I'll see if Venom can help me with the bathroom or maybe Cardinal has some advice.

Sara Manara called me a BRAT because of my birthday cake! LOL! I'm gonna get her when I get home. I told my mother about it and she said "I think your friend Sara is going to be a good friend of mine." Favouritism!

It's cold today. I think I have to wear jeans. And we are taking down the Christmas lights.

This morning we watched the DVD from the kids dance recital. The best part was when Sara told me about one little girl who's mother went to school with her husband: The mother got caught at school giving blow jobs to the boys in the school toilets. Of course we had to spell out most of the sentence. The kids were there.

The other thing is my neice and nephews think boys come out of the stomach and girls come out of the 'giney' cause they were all born that way. I love that. Also in the car yesterday we were driving along and the kids were reeling off all the oldies that they knew. Thankfully they said I was a youngie. But they said that "Nameless is an oldie cause he is a baldie." Which is hilarious cause he is younger than me and he used to be totally addicted to a PS game called Baldies. The other thing that makes me laugh - well I laugh at anything - is when they ask for nudie bread - bread with just margarine or when they hit themselves by accident. Oh no - the best joke is one that Tom and I have. I sniff and he says "It was me!" even if it wasn't.

What was not funny this morning was getting woken up by Kookaburras.

xx Lektrogirl

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