Friday, 18 January 2008


So, if you have a healthy Flickr Food appetite may I remind you about my Flickr group WE ATE IT. Abbie thought it was going to be some group about poo sex when I sent the invitations. I am glad she finally joined cause she has added some great food pics. Plus she is moving to Berlin soon - imagine all the sausage pictures she will be able to add. Man I'm gonna miss her! Anyway, check this out all the way from Williamsburg

Ina Featherbed's AMAZING picture from Pies and Thighs.

And this picture of Ina Featherbed's reminds me of Manara for some reason.

And this beautiful sandwich from Spain.

Did anyone see that really weird show of Jamie Oliver's the other night where he had that doctor who cuts people up on it to show how a 25 stone body looks vs a 12 stone body and then Jamie did all these weird pseudo scientific "experiments" and demonstrations in the studio with "members of the British public" like tipping fat on them or cooking a piece of goose liver for fois gras to show how much fat is in it while dressed in a black suit and wearing brown shoes. Pukka mate. I think that skinny witch Gillian McKeith was far better at grossing people out about the content of the food they ate - remember the hotdog pig snout thing with the whiskers? - or OMG remember the episode where "Dr" Gillian did line dancing?

xx Lektrogirl

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