Friday, 18 January 2008


Last night's dreams were intense. I was trying to find a dress and a pair of gold shoes. I woke up this morning to read a text from Cardinal in Sri Lanka that she had seen elephants and was off to a beach BBQ - so jealous. Last time she text me, she told me she had seen monkies. I saw woman from the pub at the end of the street going out on an errand the other day...

I notice that Prancehall, who has been recently having a go at Style Slut for ripping things of his blog has been visiting my blog and getting URLS for YouTube videos and putting on his. It isn't the first time. Having this leave from work I know what it is like to sit around bored off my face and too much internet tho'...

Mandy Smith
Positive Reaction

Here I present Mandy to you - the 17 year old PWL / Stock Aitken and Waterman star. Check her out - I think she makes the ideal girlfriend material for DJ Venom. Only she married Bill Wyman. In 1983, as a 13-year old child, she started dating the then 47-year-old Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman. The two eventually married in 1989 and divorced in 1991. She probably isn't that hot now. I love how there is so much smoke to cover up the fact she probably hasn't got really masterful footwork. They did this to The Reynolds Girls too quite often. Poor Mandy - she should have had a bit of "Eyes and Teeth" dance training.

xx Lektrogirl

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