Wednesday, 6 February 2008


I heard from DJ Goon today who is also working on plumbing and painting in his Paris apartment. I'm obsessed with the tiles in his kitchen. He sent me some links, on of them was to Rye Rye who is doing some rapping on one of their tracks soon.

Hey and listen to M.I.A. when they performed together

And here is some more UK talent - the fastest rapper in the UK [apparently]V Double O:

Maybe he just wants go get through his bars real quick?
Strike a pose like the "Vogue" when it plays on the Ra D I O, so lets just
Roll around the city playing all my tracks loud
I don't wanna see nobody being false
Anybody wanna bring it? You can act out
Hit em with the triple team like "Waltz"
Kick a rhythm and I'm bringing in the drama, sick of people telling me about the La La
Everytime I spit upon a track I spit harder, make your body wiggle like you wanna "Lambada"

For example.

xx Lektrogirl

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