Monday, 25 February 2008


I own the most fabulous cook book that I bought in Belgium once at a second hand shop. It was like 50 euro cents. If I had a suitcase empty enough I would have bought the whole set. In the book the food has the worst pictures ever! Totally incredible. Bok Bok said it was like looking at 70's porn with hairy muff through spaghetti bolognaise and it was making him feel sick.

You might have noticed that I have been posting a lot of old scans and pictures lately. I remembered that my old old website still sits online and all the pictures and stuff are still there. Over the course of the following weeks, I will be reposting a lot of things here on my blog.

Oh god - that Gucci by Gucci ad just came on TV - the one that is all gold and swirly with girls dancing.

xx Lektrogirl

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