Thursday, 10 April 2008


This is Nervous' exhibition poster. I know I am going to love the exhibition already.

Here is a banana picture that Fowler gave me and I post another picture on the blog before - a red screen print on yellow paper...

Here is a picture of it with a half full bookshelf.

Anyway the guy on the exhibition poster - I suspect it isn't - but it reminds me very much of Stephen Fry the Tea Man with Bipolar Mood Disorder. That is neither here nor there as I shall being going to the exhibition to see Nicky Noo Nah Noodles and Superduck and whoever else I should bump into. WONDERFUL. Light refreshments - hmmm - probably Gingerbeer from a plastic bin or tea served from giant 50's Urns... hmmm... What will it be this time Fowl Play?

xx Lektrogirl

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