Sunday, 18 January 2009


Every since the trip to Zurich at the end of last year I have been meaning to tell you some of the things I saw in the galleries there and of course as time has passed, more things have arrived in my inbox of an art world note that I have wanted to include on the blog. So:

At Galerie Eva Presenhuber was one of Kilimnik's installations full of drawings, paintings, sculpture, photographs and a video piece. The subject matter of her works were landscapes, castles, pedigree dogs and horses all things dear to my heart. For me, walking into the room, I felt like I had entered somebody else's castle of fantasy with only half the story of their life available for interpretation to try and work out the character of the person who had created all these things.

Was it a teenager deeply in love? An ironic hipster? Sometimes I wondered if really she could do better but was pretending that she couldn't. At the same time though to illustrate that kind of naivety resulted in some great images.

This was an exhibition of photography that we discovered by accident in Zurich as we walked along the Limmatstrasse to the Migros Museum at a place called BolteLang. The photographs which I think were mostly colour were pretty easy to describe - it was a large number of photos of Wassmann's muse and collaborator, dancer Eva Maria Kupfer.

What I found more interesting were the collection of books of his other work and commissioned photography for selected clients.

Anyway - Google him and check his website. There are loads more images and also he has a great links list.

This exhibition was so horrible it made me really angry and throw acid in my own face. Super boring work from a nondescript looking man and just when I thought it was all over I turned a corner and there was more of it!

At the Museum of Design was the best.
"Head to Head - Political Portraits" shows the communicative patterns that politicians - no matter whether they are currently in a campaign or long since in office - use to curry favor with the electorate. The exhibition offers insight into visual strategies for image making, gaining prestige, and demolishing opponents.
Four personalities from world politics - Lenin, Che Guevara, Yulia Tymoshenko, and Arnold Schwarzenegger - were selected to be presented in greater detail in this exhibition because of their iconographic significance.
In addition, several contributions from artists shed light on aspects of the political portrait that have never been seen in this way before. The paintings of the presidents of Zurich’s cantonal government are also being exhibited publicly for the first time, along with dozens of official portraits from heads of states from every continent that were made available especially for this project. The affirmative world of politicians is mirrored in biting satire and demolition.

A shame I can't find any decent picture of it. Seeing all the similarities in the image making from around the world in the political election posters and all the weirdo 'caring but strong leader smiles', the crazy hair styles of Yulia Tymoshenko and old body building posters of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The old Nazi posters were kind of chilling and there was some of the propaganda too that was dropped from planes over Germany at the time of WWII.

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 1 July 2008


My friend Stephen Fowler is about to have a new exhibition - this time at The Horse Hospital. Let's hope I make it to the opening on Friday without having to stand outside 'in the fresh air' and lean on a car because I was worried I would pass out and die from too much drinking the night before, then end up at Tsouni's birthday by accident with a bottle of Lucozade in my hand and end up playing musical statues til 5 in the morning watching Amph and Alex T wrestle in their socks. [Like I did at the last one...]

The Chamber of Pop Culture Is Proud To

'Instead of wives, they shall have toads" 
An exhibition by Stephen Fowler

Saturday 5th July - Saturday 26th July, 12-6pm
Private View Friday 4th July, 6.30pm till late

The artist will be in residence on Thursday, Friday
& Saturday of each

Stephen Fowler is a Folk Artist of extraordinary complexity, who over the past 5 years has created a vast body of work illustrating a deep emotional journey of personal identity. Discovering Fowler's work is literally like leafing through the pages of a giant eclectic scrapbook, which at first glance could have been created half a century ago, Fowler's multifarious practice embraces many traditional crafts, forgotten techniques and skills that belong to bygone age, drawing freely from the worlds of Dada, Surrealism, Constructivism, Abstract Expressionism, Outsider Art and Steam Punk to create his own diverse and rich aesthetic.

From naïve paintings of remote architecture, places of worship and hospitals, to moving portraits of troubled individuals, plant life and shell fish, Fowler presents us with a chronicle of assorted drawings, paintings, prints, posters, intricate handmade bookworks, leaflets, flyers, badges, sculptures, found objects and ephemera which reflect his various obsessions for graphics, poetry, old records, photographs, film.

"Instead of wives, they shall have toads" puts forth a meloncholy and playful world engendered carefully and lovingly 
by this sensitive artist. 

Fowler is well known for his creative collaboration with: The Murri Folk Club, Tapestry Music Festival, Tatty Devine, Zeel, Mark Pawson, Rob Ryan & Rocky Alvarez.

To accompany the exhibition there will be a programme of film and live music events. Curated by the artist.


Wednesday 9th
July, 7.30pm

£5-£4 mems/concs 
We Have No
1967 26 minutes 
Mary's Day 
1964 12
Two documentaries on the Artist, Teacher, Nun; Sister
Danielson: A Family Movie (or, Make a Joyful
Noise HERE)
2006 105 minutes
Starring Danielson Famile & Sufjan Stevens with cameos from Steve Albini, Rick Moody, David Garland and DANIEL JOHNSTON.

Tuesday 15th
July 7:30pm

£5-£4 mems/concs
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 
Directed by Lynn Shores
1940 B/W 66 minutes
Wax figures, hidden rooms, secret passage ways and pelting rain.
Sidney Toler stars as Charlie Chan in this claustrophobic museum setting.
The Bat Whispers 
Directed by Roland
B/W 83 minutes 1930
An old dark house melodrama.

Friday 25th July

£7/£5 members & concessions 

Home Made Record Sleeve Performance
(D.Js Nervous Stephen and Rocky play records from 'Home made records sleeves volumes 1 and 2' books, as corresponding record sleeves are projected). 
William Fowler Band 
(Post Barrett Space Folk)
(Old Timey tunes)
The Country Teasers
(The Fall meets The Carter Family)

The Chamber of Pop Culture - "SERVING UP POPCULTURE FOR 15 YEARS
The Horse Hospital - Colonnade - Bloomsbury - London - WC1N 1HX
phone 44(0)207 833 3644
The Horse Hospital

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Monday, 23 June 2008


Dear Mathieu

In celebration of our conversation this evening, I have decided to curate a new Blog exhibition called THE BORING ONE with some of my favourite pictures from V aka the 'boring' one. Who as you know, I prefer to your last girlfriend known as 'the boy'. As for poor Julie, I am sure she would prefer to remain out of all of this.

So, for the grand opening of THE BORING ONE, please scroll down to view the pictures I have selected. Which you have already seen a thousand times before.

On curating this exhibition:
I love the internet. I love that people post the post intimate things on there. The most public domain. And then, often in private, thousand of people look at it. Thousands of people could all be looking at it in private all at the same time. It is mind boggling. I love it. There is no privacy any more. I love looking for people's secrets.

Et Voila.

Photographs by .v

Taken on May 26, 2008

Tu as dit laisse-moi te mettre dans un taxi si tu rentres chez toi dans cette tenue tu vas te faire violer et tuer et on retrouvera ton corps au bois de Boulogne.
Taken on April 30, 2008

ce n'est pas privé c'est un portrait/ I need you to hold on while the sky is falling
Taken on September 8, 2007

Taken on January 2, 2008

laideur fascinante de la décoration des hôpitaux
Taken on January 11, 2008

Taken on January 11, 2008

Taken on November 30, 2007

that night I fell asleep with the light on
Taken on October 4, 2007

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Tuesday, 15 April 2008


So, here is something I have been sitting on for some time. A while ago I found a woman who on eBay would paint your portrait with any celebrity you wanted. She also had a range of paintings in different settings for sale.

So here today I present to you my exhibition called 'ENTREPRENEUR EXHIBITION' for your delectation.

My only regret is I did not remember to take note of the artists name as I am sure many of you will want to enquire about getting your portrait done.

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 10 April 2008


This is Nervous' exhibition poster. I know I am going to love the exhibition already.

Here is a banana picture that Fowler gave me and I post another picture on the blog before - a red screen print on yellow paper...

Here is a picture of it with a half full bookshelf.

Anyway the guy on the exhibition poster - I suspect it isn't - but it reminds me very much of Stephen Fry the Tea Man with Bipolar Mood Disorder. That is neither here nor there as I shall being going to the exhibition to see Nicky Noo Nah Noodles and Superduck and whoever else I should bump into. WONDERFUL. Light refreshments - hmmm - probably Gingerbeer from a plastic bin or tea served from giant 50's Urns... hmmm... What will it be this time Fowl Play?

xx Lektrogirl

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So, my life is boring but I always find good juice on the internet. I would like you to all sit back and scroll through my latest online exhibition called 'RUDIE NUDIE SHOW' which is a collection of nude photos I have collected from eBay and Flickr.



[I was actually bidding on this picture for quite a while but it got to be more than I would spend.]


untitled-1.jpg, untitled-2.jpg, untitled-3.jpg, untitled-4.jpg



And finally, in a special section in the gallery we have this exclusive exhibition from what I believe to be an astounding photographer. This pictures are so amazing! I cannot tell you how much I love them.


Okay so house is on now. Later dudes.

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 14 January 2008


First bras and now my interest in Javier Bardem grows:

Penelope Cruz! How could he... TOM CRUISE'S SLOPPY SECONDS?

Here we have the real life Javier Badem and Penelope Cruz:

It is Ramiro and his babe girlf Sandra.


Also, adam_roll2000 has been favouriting my photos.

He is definitely not shy.

Let's check some of Adam's other favourites in my new online exhibition called "ADAM'S FAVOURITES":

I really love Flickr and other people's pictures that you can spy on.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 29 July 2007


I'm meeting Philippa today at The Palmerston today at 2pm for anyone who is interesting in coming along to give me a shanking. I consider I have a good chance at survival cause I am very near the Whittington Hospital. Philippa is hilarious and I have to remember to ask how her syphilitic cat is. But if one day Philippa turns on me I need to be prepared and this leads me to one of my new online photographic exhibitions I irregularly curate. This one is called "People who look like they would make nice friends I found on Flickr [because at this rate it looks like I'm gonna have none.]"

And my second exhibition as advertised:

If you didn't realise that you could view the exhibition by clicking the logo, you can also click here

is a label I have used throughout my blog for things I consider to be truly profound. Please take the time to check this tag to view such amazing posts as "Baddest Nigga 4 Ever" [Snoop Dogg and muscular black men], "ME ON THE RADIO", "TOTALLY SEXUAL" [really incredible YouTube videos of hot men dancing]and finally "JUST AN ILLUSION" [the YouTube video for the best song ever which ALSO has a magnificant video! Cannot be missed!!].

So check out
cause it really is totally just like the label says.

xx Lektrogirl

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