Thursday, 10 April 2008


Well it seems that my father's email which I post on my blog recently has shown that he has a LOT of fans. Everyone I have bumped into since then has been like OMG I love your Dad. Cool.

So, here is a picture of his room at the home where he lives:

The dedicated observer will be able to count a number pictures of me on the wall to give variety and contrast to the little blonde heads and cute faces of my nephews and niece.

Now, I have an audio treat for you all - a little 400K MP3 of The G.A. telling us about his experience with his Internet Service Provider. Click here and listen closely.

And another tit bit of information about my father, The G.A. He is a very funny man and has made a number of classic jokes through his time. I would say an equal proportion were intended vs accidental. Anyway, this is my personal favourite joke.

The council wrote a letter to my father to remind him that the registration on the family dog Winnie [a corgi then buried under a rose bush] was due for renewal. My dad sent a one line letter back to the council saying, "Thank you for reminding me my best friend is dead."

I will endeavour to keep you updated on the life of The G.A. when I can.

xx Lektrogirl

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