Friday, 18 April 2008


I'm not so interested in my life at the moment so to fill in some blanks to let you know I am still alive, here is a note again from my father:

Why did I join the Guards? Good question. Why does anyone do stupid things that stuff up their life.? My father was in the Scots Guards in 1918. He was AT Uni in Glasgow studying medicine When he got his leg over some professor’s daughter and duffed her. T o avoid the disgrace of thos days he flucked orf with the flidgeons and joined the Guards. That was my only reason for joining those ‘elite’ soldiers. No not really, I was in a class above my age they must have been 17 and I was only 15, They were all up market and brave volunteering to fight Hitler’s hordes So I didn’t want to be left out, I put on me Home Guard uniform and shiny boots went down to an army signing up place and signed on for 12 years- that is 4 years with colours and 8 years in the reserve. When you are on he reserve you got paid 6quid a quarter and had to spend a week at training camp every year keeping in nick, Piece of cake. Jesus! Wot a prat. Still. I learned to drink, Boxing and athletics generally, And NO. no Sex until I was 19. supposed to be bad for maintaining physical fitness in those days?

Unfortunately there has been one reader complaining to my inbox that he isn't interested in my father at all, but never mind. You can't please everyone all of the time.

Today I will be venturing south of the river Thames in search of Deutsch delights with which to stuff my face. Tonight is Deano's birthday party, Dat Politics are in town, their show is on Sunday night and so is Go Bang! - what to do?!

Okay - so my Pet Shop Boy's 12" for One More Chance has reached the end after about it's 6th successive play - I better get a move on.

xx Lektrogirl

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