Monday, 2 June 2008


I'm alone in Strada - I tried everybody and no-one's interested. Someone would rather go raiding supermarket rubbish bins in search of food than hang out with me. Seriously. I'm earrwigging on 2 Queens having a rather entertaining coversation about one of them moving to Australia getting everything wrong. So cute and funny - getting Perth and Sydney mixed up and talking about dogs barking at them after getting into a fight in Trade.

Wandering around Camden I went into H&M thinking it was still HMV. I couldn't believe how cheap everything in there was. A dress for £7.99. Made in Cambodia. So I worked out the maths in my head. H&M would have probably a 300 percent mark up on the wholesale or cost price depending on whether the garment was bought from the kind of company who supplies stuff for High Street stores, or if everything is in house. Because I'm also trying to still earwig on my neighbours, let's say that the wholesale price is approximately £2.80. This means another company (for arguments sake lets call it FashionFix) has produced this garment and sold it to H&M. FashionFix would have made something like 200 on their cost price. Dinner is here - I'll publish this and finish it later.

xx Lektrogirl



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