Monday, 19 October 2009


Even with the weekend misery, there was plenty of respite

I was hanging out with London's coolest 7 year old kids who thought I was okay to make pirate maps with, play kerrplunk with, play hide and seek with, try and work my nerves by wrestling after bed time [but I remember the day Roy came into Shop at Maison B and used 'the voice of doom' and I tried it and it worked] and then had breakfast in bed with Pippa the next day.

For more on the lives of the Brooks Lee Jones family, you can always visit here

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 20 April 2009


When I do my DIY round the house I always make sure I am wearing a well supporting bra - so of course a tight low cut bra with bows, lace and boning from AP and some comfortable but matching knickers. I think that the base to any outfit is very important - and if it makes you feel good then you will be able to achieve the impossible. A bit like watching Mistress of the Goodvibes Universe videos when she works out in Vivienne Westwood dresses or Mexican wrestling masks. I also have to wear this kind of underwear because my DIY outfit is pretty hardcore - cut off sweats and an old checked shirt from Pasadena. So if I hurt myself and need ambulance care I can keep my dignity. Or if there is someone like the Air Commodore who wants to have fantasies about ladies with tools, [OJ LOL], I would hate to disappoint.

I also like to make sure I have motivational music. I recommend Dr Dre 2000 or Snoop Dogg Tha Last Meal but each to their own [Mrs Kipling... who knows what it could be...]

So it is a bit like this at my house today as I start work on my bedroom which needs serious DIY.

Over the weekend I didn't have my usual DIY outfit to hand so I just put some shelves up in knickers and a bra cause I didn't want to ruin my dress. Yes - it seems that it is a common fantasy for men.

We all know that the Cardinal is more refined that me and she has been known to DIY in a cashmere sweater. I know that Caz has been on her hands and knees stripping paint on the floor. Madame I have seen DIYing in flats [Eley Kishimoto sneakers - green flash]. Mrs Kipling has reported to be doing her own painting and tiling - but I have no idea what she would wear.

I have to get on now.

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 17 January 2009


One of the things I did appreciate when I was in America was the highest level of customer service. Nothing was ever too much for the store assistance and they were never OTT. Unlike the Australian guy in Wild Honey the other day when I had lunch [sliced veal and green sauce, oxtail ossobuco ravioli and vacharin all washed down with a prosecco, clementine and Campari cocktail FYI.] He started to talk to me in posh Double Bay speak "What have WE got planned for the weekend? Are WE doing anything nice?" Urgh drove me insane. He ended up telling me about how he had been "Washing his smalls" on Tuesday...

So back to the customer service. This week I got some new glasses. Well I got two pairs cause I couldn't decide. I went to this place called Spex In The City on Shorts Gardens in Covent Garden kind of on a whim - but also cause they had a fireplace in there which looked nice. I want to tell the whole world that not only am I so happy that I DO NOT look like I went to Specsavers any more, but I received some of the best customer service I have had in London for a long long time.

Gillian Caplan [FBDO] is the optician at Spex In The City. Horrible website, brilliant independent optician with loads of choice and stuff you don't see everywhere else. I went in and said that I like wearing glasses and I don't mind looking like a nerd and that I like things that are quite severe and cartoon character like. Then for as long as I wanted, Gillian was making me try on everything in the shop having a good laugh at all the stuff she thought would fit the description, and of course would be the right shape for my eyes and the prescription. I now know what exactly what my prescription means and all the measurements that go into it.

This is the first pair I got - a Japanese brand called Yellow Plus. I like them cause they look like German lesbian glasses from the 70's and they look vintage but they weren't perched on the nose of some woman with a moustache when she carked it [Dead people's clothes yes, but not on my face.] They will look great with satiny evening dresses, fancy hair-dos and pretty things.

These are French and made by Bruno Chaussignand. The Cardinal said they made me look like Nana Mouskouri. Personally, I don't think that is a bad thing. But I think the first pair I chose were more Nana. This glasses are for when I want to pretend I am a Swiss New Media artist or Danish furniture designer and are for wearing with denim and desert boots.

Anyway - whatever ridiculous stories I concoct in my head to get myself dressed in the morning and justify my face - it cannot be argued that Spex In The City is one of the best independent boutiques in London and the best optician I ever went to. I also told Gillian I would recommend her store and service to everyone I know.

If you do ever drop by, tell her hi from me - but I suspect it won't be long before I am back getting my sunglasses all changed to prescription lenses cause I know the frames will be in good hands.

xx Lektrogirl

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I hardly care about Aussie Rules, and only like Arsenal cause I live in that area. But I used to have an American husband [well I still do cause the chump still hasn't taken the papers in court... the most constipated procedure of my life!] and he taught me like a chant which teams were my favourite.

Baseball: St Louis Cardinals
Football: St Louis Rams
Ice Hockey: St Louis Blues
Basketball: He said I could have Utah Jazz

I don't mind because even though St Louis sucked major cock when I went there, Chicago was a lot worse. So the decision made for me sat pretty easy. Also, all the uniforms for the different teams are pretty nice colours.

The only reason why I say this is cause today The Cardinal and I went to Le Péché Mignon for a croque and coffee - check out our desserts:

The chocolate and orange one was banging but the lemon one was a total KILLER.

After having a total maximum gossip we went to the second hand shop and I found a Los Angeles Rams collared shirt for £3. I was so pleased cause I have an LA Rams Starter jacket already and the colours are super nice. And cause the Rams are one of my teams, I feel a bit nostalgic for them. The Rams were in Los Angeles from 1946 to 1994 [concurrent with the LA Raiders before they went back to Oakland] and then they moved to St Louis. Yeah well, it is really NBD but I mega into it.

Check out the LA Rams Rap...

Thank God the Raiders had NWA...

The Miami Dolphins might be the winner?

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 14 January 2009


OMG this has to be one of the most exciting days of my life! Today I have to go to The Royal Courts of Justice on The Strand and make an appearance.

First of all I was walking across Lincoln's Fields at a time I would usually still be in bed and got to see all the morning things I usually dont: screwed up raspberries still fresh on the pavement before the pigeons got them and men in boring suits carrying briefcases. Not a lot to miss out on but the fresh air was great.

Cause I had to dress like a dweeb, here is part of my underwear that made me feel better.

Then I got to the courts and had to go through a security check like at the airport. And then I guess I was overcome by everything and had to go and do a poo. So TMI you may say but relevant to the story. As grand as the building is, the toilets we not up to par - untidy, ill equipt. Really poor form. I mean there actally toilets in there but you know where you have those dreams where you walk into the basement somewhere looking for the toilet and its all damp and full of weirdos and the doors don't shut - or maybe that is just my version of the going to school in your pyjamas dream.

So anyway I was looking for my case on the boards and couldn't see it. I spoke to two incredibly stupid women who couldn't help me and I spoke to one incredibly smart man who could. I'm now in apostrophe checking out all the solicitors having morning coffee meeting before appearing. None of them are hot. Which goes to show that even on TV in all the cop shows there is an element of truth in their depiction of the legal system - solicitors and lawyers are never hot - it is the detectives and CSI's that are the babes.

Xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 11 January 2009


I made a crack last night to The Cardinal that I was aiming for Vintage Vogue but achieving something more like Help The Aged. I know I have A LOT of clothes but as smug as I am about my new Le Creuset casserole dish, I consciously didn't buy one thing last year from TOPSHOP and H&M and I bought some stuff from Primark on the Kilburn High Road between 1995 and 1997: a pair of grey tracksuit pants that I still use for painting and a navy pair of tracksuit paints that I think my ex husband took. Everything I own is vintage or junk whatever you want to call it for wherever, or from independent boutiques and preferably made within the EU. I will confess to COS. And when it comes to say goodbye to something I send it to my Mum or sister or take it in to the girls at work and see who wants what. Which at the end of the day leaves me with pretty clear conscience - though I still yearn for the red silk jersey ISSA dress I gave away.

I noticed today my friend Jessica had a link to this article on her FB [we used to work at Hamnett together]:

Disposable fashion: for sale, hardly worn, two million tonnes of clothes
As discount fashion stores flourish, second-hand clothes sellers and charities are drowning in cheap, low-quality textiles
Clothing for recycling and reusing arrives in huge piles at LMB in Canning Town , East London
Hannah Fletcher

In his textile recycling factory on the industrial outskirts of East London, Lawrence Barry wades across a floor feet-deep in other people's discarded clothing. Above him, precarious fabric dunes lean against the walls and reach up to the corrugated iron roof. The air is heavy with mothballs and the sweet, cloying stench of stale sweat.

There was a time, 58-year-old Barry says, when the clothes coming into his warehouse reeked of love, instead. “People used to buy a good-quality suit and that was it. That was their suit,” he says. “The clothes that ended up here were worn to death, treasured, loved.” Now the 100 workers at LMB Textile Recycling spend their days sorting through the detritus of our addiction to throwaway fashion - cheap, synthetic, often unworn, rarely loved. And Barry and his employees have unwittingly found themselves at the cutting edge of British eco-policy.

Textiles have never been a great concern for keen-to-be-seen-to-be-green governments that get more brownie points from an easy tonne of glass or paper. But the textile problem has become too vast to ignore.

In February the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) will launch a “sustainable clothing roadmap” to try to reduce the environmental impact of our clothes. In preparation, it has commissioned a series of studies in which the true extent of our shopping habit is revealed in stark detail.

In the past five years, with the rise of “value retailers” such as Primark, H&M and TK Maxx, and supermarket fashion ranges, the price of clothing in the UK has plummeted by up to 25 per cent. At the same time, the amount of clothes we buy has increased by almost 40 per cent to more than two million tonnes a year.

Instead of two annual seasons for clothes - winter and summer - we are now offered, and can afford, new apparel every few weeks. We buy fresh holiday wardrobes, which we wear for a fortnight. Our style icons are celebrities who are never seen in the same outfit twice. And as our high street stores reel from the credit crunch, still we are cashing in - packing out the shops, desperate for discounted clothes.

As a result, textiles have become the fastest-growing waste product in the UK. About 74 per cent of those two million tonnes of clothes we buy each year end up in landfills, rotting slowly (or not at all) in a mass of polyester, viscose and acrylic blends.

On a recent fact-finding trip to a waste-disposal site in Croydon, South London, MPs from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee learnt that the proportion of textile waste to other rubbish at council tips across the country has risen from 7 per cent to 30 per cent in five years.

Staff at the tip call the problem “the Primark effect”. Less than ten miles away, in Central London, the budget retailer's 70,000sqft flagship store flogs piles of ever cheaper, ever more disposable clothes. Even in a year ending with the most severe economic downturn in recent history, Primark recorded a 21 per cent sales increase in 2007/08.

Meanwhile, the poor quality of our cheap fashion fixes has caused the bottom to drop out of the recycled textile industry. The value of recycled material has fallen by 71 per cent over the past 15 years. Factor in collection and sorting costs, and many rag dealers and charities, forced to find outlets for donations that are too shabby to sell in their shops, find themselves paying out to recycle.

Furthermore, far less second-hand clothing is recyclable in the first place - a mere 3.5 per cent of that looming two million tonnes, or just under a third of the paltry 13 per cent of waste textiles that are recovered through charities, textile banks and rag dealers each year. (The remaining 13 per cent - clothing neither recovered nor sent to landfill - is incinerated.)

Lawrence Barry is no eco-warrior. He came into the business to make money. But back then, the trade was built on recycling. “When I started I was recycling 90 per cent of the clothes that came through,” he says. “Today it's down to 30 per cent.”

He speaks wistfully of the hard-wearing, workaday fabrics of yesteryear - linsey-woolsey and gabardine. They may have been coarse and drab but they were natural products and enjoyed second lives as industrial wiping cloths, insulation and stuffing.

Today, about two thirds of the fibres, yarns and fabrics coming into the UK are synthetic. They are blended into every conceivable combination - sometimes rendering them dangerously flammable in the process - and are nearly impossible to pick apart after use. Barry's recycling figure of 30 per cent is the norm across the second-hand clothing industry.

Most of the remaining 70 per cent is sent abroad, to Africa and Eastern Europe, where a booming industry has grown up around our unwanted exports. Critics have long condemned the practice for distorting fragile markets in developing countries. The donating public, too, has sometimes found it difficult to reconcile the friendly image of charity shops with the necessarily hard-nosed businesses behind them.

But the problem is of our own making. We are offloading more and more clothing to charities and textile banks, but more and more of it is unsellable in the UK. A negligible 1.7 per cent of our annual clothing purchases will end up being sold second-hand in Britain, and on average charity shop sales account for just 10 per cent of a charity's income.

“The rise of discount clothing and a culture of discarding have led to a clear reduction in the quality of many donated textiles,” says David Moir of the Association of Charity Shops. “This has put some pressure on donated stock for sale.”

“We have noticed more and more cheap clothes coming in but we can't sell them in the shops,” agrees Rob McNeill, a spokesman for Oxfam. “Who would buy a second-hand Primark T-shirt for a quid when there's a Primark down the road selling them new and probably cheaper? We can't compete.”

If you read the article this far, and what to read the rest, go here.

Anyway I have a little hang over to get over, which I will do by watching a few episodes of Criminal Minds. Then I will post some pics from last night and of my cooking adventures.

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 29 December 2008


Okay - so due to the popular success of my last fashion post on my blog from a few days ago - mixed with the fact I had to take some more pictures for VaVaVoomValeria to show her the dress I bought that I wasn't sure if it made me look like a witch in a black plastic bag or not and I needed her opinion - and I was bored and she was off having oysters and wine for lunch in Paris and Mrs Kipling only wants to talk to me when her router is broken and not meet me for cake cause she would rather go to the gym: here is my second fashion feature.


BLACK DRESS: COS sale rail
EARRINGS: Martin Margiela
GARBAGE BAG: Sainsbury's
PROM DRESS: Top Secret Shop
RIBBON: Tatty Devine [it was a present from Molly or maybe even Rosie and Harriet. And the funny thing is, I had some gold leather earrings just like the silver MM ones from Tatty Devine years ago.]

And here is an old pic from the fashion shoot I did with the Cardinal once. What she wears for rags while drinking chinotto out of a champagne glass doing the cleaning could be what half of Shoreditch wear on a big night out. Next level YGM.

Primark tracky daks from 1997 bought on the Kilburn High Road. Such a fashion forward.

xx Lektrogirl


Monday, 22 December 2008


I asked my niece today how many Barbie dolls she has and she said she doesn't know cause she has so many and she even has more now cause she is taking the old ones of my sister and I back to Devonport with her and she is asking Santa for another one. I feel a bit sad if she is taking the ballerina Barbie of mine that had the crown on her head and the biro moustache because it is kind of assumed in my family due to a medical condition of mine that I will never have a family of my own. It is just an assumption everyone makes but not strictly true. It makes me feel quite barren never the less.

I really want to tell you all about a lunch date today. It was another catalogue of minor disasters which seem to be par for the course here.

PICTURE REMOVED BY REQUEST. But thanks to him not thinking it through properly, all my friends would have checked out what I wrote about him already and seen the picture and wondered what the fuss is about. Oh well. That part, via Facebook, was his own doing.

Then I went out for dinner with a number one buddy [or at least in the top few or at least top dozen.]

Tomorrow is the last day of work before Christmas and it is just a half day. I'm gonna to wear jeans and a Bottega Venetta sweater. Then I will come home and write a blog about my trivial life and incredible fashion sense.

Speaking of which - I did a mini fashion shoot for my blog the other night because it is clear I don't buy enough American Apparel and Primark stuff.


Missouri Sweatshirt - Camp Gay
Bruise - Nature
Denim Skirt - GAP
Yellow Tights - Fogal
Tinsel Earrings - Martin Margeila

Music - Them Girls, Zig & Zag

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Sunday, 9 November 2008


So Sarah and Grissom are no longer together, their relationship withered as he couldn't make up his mind. Now Grissom is in Lady Heather's upstairs bedroom asking her to stay. As painful as they are, stories of breaking hearts, lust and longing and dreams that never come true are so attractive to me. And I guess why I end up in the world of lost loves with a pair of kiddies knickers on my dining room table and my heart feels like I swallowed a stone.

That is why I am so in love with some of the pictures I collect for which I am relieved to say is now back online.

Tomorrow I will continue on my picture framing mission. I have pictures of cancers and illustrations of eruptive fevers from antique books, gems and flowers, naked ladies and drive in porn movie posters. I am looking forward to the next lot of London guests who may come my way. I will also put together a proposal for a video that I would like to make for Appareil for their song "Sex Attack" [which I have blogged about before].

Also in other news: Drx, Role Model and I have all swapped Wii numbers. We can swap Mii's... I only have two Mii's at the moment, me and my boyfriend who is a black guy called Wasteman. I made him tall and skinny like Snoop Dogg.

And this from harriet_the_spy is worth a note.

Trying To Start A Meme

What's the oldest item of clothing you own? I've had this PJ top since I was nine or ten and watched my breasts develop under its thin cotton M&S comfort: 'Take It Easy' you sheep.

I will get around to doing this one day only I feel disadvantaged cause my really old stuff is at home in Australia and probably in Mum's polishing rag basket by now. I'm sure to have some old NIKE tops from when I was in my Sporty Spice phase though if I dig deep enough. To elucidate on the Sporty Spice phase: It was actually when I was going to Rephlex Raves "back in the day" wearing things like neon pink Speedo swimming costume with a massive zipper down the back, combat trousers, a red Helmut Lang tulle vest and giant Nike trainers back in 1996. And made up like a cosmetic counter exploded in my face.

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 19 June 2008


There are thousands who work a H&M / Primark or other scum of the earth crap with an AA marl jersey. And guess what? You all look the same. Except a lot fatter or thinner than each other - maybe you should try posting at the Pro-ana website near you?! Which all sounds like such harsh words from me v. DIAF YGM?- I'm venting from lying in bed with a sore neck - when really I want to tell you all about Susie Bubble who sets the standard the fashion blogging and working an outfit.

I first met Susie when she bought a dress in Maison B - it was an Eley Kishimoto black and navy number that I had my eye on all along. But I am glad it went to her. Susie has the glossy black hair for it! Now she is a properly fashion. But then maybe she always was? No - she can't really be 'fashion' when she writes a post like this:

Me: Ok, is it me or is that pink dress in the window looking really nice....

Boyf: I'm thirsty, I need a drink....

Me: Seriously... those different layers of ruffles... that shade of pink... dear lord... I think I'm rather liking it...

Boyf: Ok, but if we're gonna go in there, it has to be a fast and sharp operation...

Me: Ok...we're going in, we're going in, oh dear lord, there's a guy fixing computers and mobile phones there...

Boyf: Don't lose sight of the target! Pink dress, pay, get out and then thirst quenching...

Me: Ok, ok ok *spots pink dress immediately*. comes in blue as well...

Boyf: Blue looks cheap. Pink is better.

Me: Ok, ok, ok... oh my god, it's £7! That's disgusting...

Boyf: The till is up there...

Me: *Wide eyed* The jewellery is £1 a piece or 7 pieces for £6... wow, this is very very mint (Susie Bubble language for 'It's so bad, it's cool...')...

Boyf: Pay!

Me: Wow... I haven't paid for a dress with cash in a while...

Boyf: Let's get out through the back door.

*We leave through the suspicous looking side door at the back*

Boyf: I think I could smell 'cheap' back there...

Me: I feel really really dirty... let's go to Beard Papa's and stuff ourselves with cream puffs just to go completely mental...

Anyway IMHO THIS is how you dress up for your blog:

Definitely - some of these outfits as they are look ridiculous to most but to me it is F.I.N.E. to see that someone hasn't forgotten that the realm of the Internet and the Dress Up box can still be anybody's most fantastic fantasy.

Susie Style Bubble - I salute you.

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Okay so here I go again with the calculations:

Garment retails at £7.99 [including VAT]
Net price = £6.80 [x3 markup]
Price High Street Store perhaps paid for garment [net] = £2.26

If the garment was bought from my fantasy company FashionFix, the garment is worth [minus FashionFix's own the markup of x2] = £1.13

So that is £1.13 on the cost of the garment and £1.13 for it to be worth the company FashionFix to manage the design and production of the garment.

So, what exactly goes into the £1.13 cost of the garment? Well how long is a piece of string but consider all these:

- the fabric for the garment
- the printing and dying of the fabric for the garment
- the trims [buttons zips etc] used in the garment
- the thread to stitch the garment
- the labels within the garment denoting brand, size etc
- the cost to cut out the pattern pieces for the garment
- the machinist to put the pieces together
- the person who presses the garment
- the person who folds and packages all the garments for shipping
- the cost of the packaging for the garments in transit
- the profits of the factory who makes these garments to cover the overheads for management staff, the electricity in the factory, maintenance of the machines etc etc
- the shipping costs of the garments from the country of manufacture to the UK
- the duty that must be paid on imports to the UK. Items from India get charge 12.5% import duty on the goods at customs.
- the cost of the hangers
- the cost of the swing tickets [the paper label of the brand]
- the cost of the kimbles [the plastic things that hold the ticket to the garment]

you know - blah blah blah

I'm really sick of people saying "Oh I got this at YadaYadaHighStreetStore for £6.00" because I can only wonder "How the fuck can it be only £6.00? Everybody gets screwed for this garment to be only £6.00"

In my perfect world, everyone would learn how to sew. Also everyone will be recycling their clothing and try and buy vintage where possible. There are more clothes on the planet than we all need [I should know - most of them are in my wardrobe...]

Anyway - whatever. So suffice to say I didn't actually buy anything in H&M but just stood listening to a guy saying to his girlfriend "How many white shirts do you already have??!!" and she said "I don't have any - I keep ruining them in the wash."

Oh and I was also in Offspring moments before wandering into H&M. I felt like I had walking into a spinning Rubik's cube of vomit coloured plastic with middle aged men looking forlorn with neon Nike's in their hand.

I turned and left.

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Monday, 2 June 2008


I'm alone in Strada - I tried everybody and no-one's interested. Someone would rather go raiding supermarket rubbish bins in search of food than hang out with me. Seriously. I'm earrwigging on 2 Queens having a rather entertaining coversation about one of them moving to Australia getting everything wrong. So cute and funny - getting Perth and Sydney mixed up and talking about dogs barking at them after getting into a fight in Trade.

Wandering around Camden I went into H&M thinking it was still HMV. I couldn't believe how cheap everything in there was. A dress for £7.99. Made in Cambodia. So I worked out the maths in my head. H&M would have probably a 300 percent mark up on the wholesale or cost price depending on whether the garment was bought from the kind of company who supplies stuff for High Street stores, or if everything is in house. Because I'm also trying to still earwig on my neighbours, let's say that the wholesale price is approximately £2.80. This means another company (for arguments sake lets call it FashionFix) has produced this garment and sold it to H&M. FashionFix would have made something like 200 on their cost price. Dinner is here - I'll publish this and finish it later.

xx Lektrogirl


Sunday, 18 November 2007


Totally was weird. I had this moment in the fitting rooms. I couldn't stop looking at myself thinking "life is different now". I don't know if I am mental or sane. Either way it meant I was an hour late for meeting Paul at Top Of The Town. So I had to go find him at Wong Kei which always makes me cry in there after the shittiest night of my life some years ago with an Irish cunt called Kevin Sheridan. I made Paul leave his plate of puke behind and we went and had our old usuals at T.O.T.T. Me - Sweat and Sour Pork. Him - String Bean Szechuan Style with Pork. But I was late for everything today. I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date... I hope Dal forgives me.

So I tried on a lot of clothes today as well. I was in the Mui Mui section trying on knitwear with this puffy mohair sleeves. They made me look like I had arms like the Gorilla in the Cadbury's commercial. Really. So I went back to the area I was really interested in - the Lingerie. Unfortunately, Alex Tea must have got lost on the way cause he Facebooked me to say he was gonna meet me in Agent Provocateur at 3 to help me choose bra's but he didn't show. Gutted. In my deep greif, I ended up buying four new bra's.

Vampirella. I was talking with Manara the other day about one knocker being bigger than the other.

Frumpy. I really like awkward underwear. There is a bra in Fifi Chachnil in Paris that I am obsessed with that I have gone back to see twice now. Only it is hideously expensive cause it is made from silk. And usually by the time I get there I have spunked my money in the antique jewellery shop over the road.

Anyway - while shopping in Agent Provocateur for these two, the music that came on was WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT:

Joe Jackson: Steppin' Out
FUCK WHAT AN UGLY MAN!!! Talk about ruin your vinegar stroke.
but I this is the third time I have heard this song in a shop lately... A while ago it was this:

His hip rolling though is really bad... [check end of the post for more...]

Cutey. This one is DJ Venoms favourite, but I dedicate this one to the man in the bar who I think is cute but I'm not sure if he is gay or not. I'm glad that DJ Venom, my lifestyle coach did have words to say about my shopping tonight on AIM.

00:21:34: do you think i should take the blue bra [not pictured] back
00:22:13: i think you need blue pants to go with it
00:22:24: i never wear matching underwear
00:22:31: cheap ho
00:22:36: yeah i know
00:22:42: you'll never impress a guy like that
00:23:02: i often wear matching socks, pants and t-shirt
00:23:08: same pantone
00:23:18: the only other person i know who does that is a homo. but he is thebest dressed man i know
00:24:53: omg - XXCENSOREDXX* agrees with you about the matching knickers

* Would love to tell you but I can't. Here is what he said tho' online tonight.

00:24:02: my lifestyle coach, daniel lee, says i will never impress a guy if i dont wear knickers that match my bra.
00:24:05: is that true?
00:24:23: yeah
00:24:25: totally true
00:24:40: does it have to be the same set or can it colour co-ordinate.
00:24:48: same set
00:24:58: fuck me
00:25:13: that is gonna be a LOT
00:25:16: yep
00:27:09: do all girls match their underwear?
00:27:23: i mean i imagine rhiannan does
00:27:31: sorry that is a lezza i know
00:27:40: i mean the umbrella girl
00:27:57: yeah i think so
00:27:59: most do
00:28:09: o rly

Sadly, my obsession - that was started by Ramiro Elena - rests with bras alone. Not knickers. My other obsession is taking pictures up girls skirts.

Here is Jo, the new girl at work. Her photoshop skills are exception and she has an amazing eye for detail. Though the small hole in her tights might lead you to a different opinion of her. That and the chipped nail polish.

Finally: Keeping with the sexual vibe of this post - on to the Hip Rollin videos that are good. No no, they are AAMMAAZZINGGGG!!


xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 9 October 2007


It's true - a new computer is definitely the way to this girls heart, a chillax on a sofa and some Pad Thai Jay. Oh and getting to bed and sleeping for a change. I also have learnt I got a lot of really supportive friends. I may die alone stinking of piss but I know my Inbox will be full of mails from people wishing me all the best. Last night I had some serious bullshit chats with Drx on Miranda - it was just like the old days - back in 2000! We discussed windabgenang (I think that is the Deutsch) and I explained to him about skid marks. The underpants variety. Good times.

Anyway - so I'm well refreshed on the number 4 into work. The house down the road that had the plain clothes cops a while ago chasing that guy with the pillow marks in his hair had three cops in uniform banging on the door in the rain. It was a bit weird last night actually - I had just got run over by the kid with the glasses on his bike (who looks like the biggest twerpy nerd but actually he is the biggest prick in the neighbourhood) and was relieved to finally make it home when down the road at the house in question, a woman saw two guys coming and raced inside and slammed the door.

Finally, I didn't know what to wear this morning so I have decided on a version of Tektonik. Now that Prancehall has finally got hoodies are out, in certain circumstances I think hoodies are definitely in. Still not with a collared shirt EXCEPT if the hoody is made from 30G cotton in a pastel colour and is worn with a white shirt and seer sucker shorts.

xx Lektrogirl

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