Saturday, 7 June 2008


Sorry that the majority of this post is written without proper capital letters etc but it stems from a comment I was going to leave on one of Manara's pictures - but didn't cause it was veering off topic a bit.

it is a shame that people have to go for cost instead of being given the opportunity to choose ethically. a lot of this is just driven by the business of the stores people shop in. i was in cos the other day - which i have to prelude by saying i never went in there before but was just checking it out after philippa said it was nice to see me in some non-vintage clothes one night [lol] and i noted that all the garments were made out of the same cotton sateen fabric [like a standard flat cotton.]

organic ethically produced sateen is not a stock fabric, it needs to be ordered and woven specifically for a buyer. the minimums for the fabric are like 10,000 metres or some crazy shit like like that - and this is in a colour called greige - prepared to be dyed. then you can get that 10,000 dyed into different colours [whatever the dying minimums are] but this cost prohibitive for even the most dedicated independent designer. but for a store like cos with some of the range made from the same fabric AND part of the H&M group which could also use this fabric, 10,000 is actually nothing to the fabric consumption to a company like that. what i am trying to say is it would just take a few high street stores to change their mind about what fabric they use and create a demand for it and turn it into a stock fabric and make it cheaper for everyone to be able to use it.

As for the pictures, suffice to say I left empty handed.

xx Lektrogirl



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