Friday, 18 July 2008


Dancing and macaroni cheese.

Thank God I disable scrobbling cause just now I ate some macaroni cheese and a bit of floury pear and danced around the living room more times than I would care to admit to the trashy Calvin Harris / Dizzee Rascal song Dance Wiv Me. I know. THE SHAME. Lots of cool hand clap dancing and spinning though. Amazing. I cannot tell you how much better I feel for it though! A little bit like scoffing two macaroons from Ladurée. Def on a par. So L'Oreal. YGM.

I know I have been long on this, but tomorrow I will go and get the charger for the Leica Mrs Kipling leant me [OMG the conversation I witnessed yesterday between Mrs Kipling and Lord Fauntleroy over who was most posh and how obvious it was in each other. ROTFLOL. HILARITY.] cause tomorrow night I am going to WORK IT with The Cardinal - so all the dancing now and getting loose is in preparation for that.

Oh and wag1 with today? It's dead?!

xx Lektrogirl



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