Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Jo Apps sang this tonight at Hot Breath Karaoke at my request. It started something deep inside of me. Which revved like an engine fuelled by double Frangelico's [my own plus the ones for Mr Chips cause he didn't like his mixed with coke] and the 2-4-1 Cocktails. I fucking changed gear by the end of the night when this came on:

And by the time I got home, Mr Chips has told me to "Fuck Off" and I was sobbing down the phone to The Twin "Ohhh my God I don't know what I am going to do!! His eyes are too close together!!!"

Already my hangover is starting to knock on my door. I am by no means sleepy after sleeping all day and not being able to sleep all night from coughing the last few nights.

Perhaps I should take the advice of the The Twin and just go to bed...

xx Lektrogirl

[P.S. this is sounding pretty tragic isn't it?! OJ LOL]

OMG and on a random note - Denzel Washington! I feel just like him when he is an alcoholic in that great movie - fuck what was it called?! I can't remember but I wrote about it before on my blog. I watched it with Seb in Hamburg. It was INCREDIBLE.

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Blogger Moss said...

awr i was toying with going to hot breath but didn't think anyone else was

16 July 2008 09:38  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

we should swap phone numbers next time we're online.

16 July 2008 10:03  
Blogger BUÁ_TIMES online&away said...

hi there yet I became lktrgrl_fan.

17 July 2008 00:46  
Anonymous manazzer said...

woah this is my karaoke speciality - esp the oh ooh oh ooh woah ooh oh uh huh bits I AM SO GOOD AT THAT BIT BABE SERIOUSLy
i'm sure jo is too!
aaah i wanna do it right now singing those lines makes me so fucking happy

17 July 2008 01:52  

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