Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Well - I have been a dutiful daughter and been responding to my father's emails. So of course, here is his latest offering:

have you told your ma to do something to the card, like cancel it, toot sweet? Some bastard cleaning her out when she's trying to accrue enough to have the old pad painted an all, Fark, She'd fall pregnant! And that would be a miracle job. I' m only glad you're in one piece....ecccept the bits there are two of? Legs, arms and breasts, etc. Eyes, ears,cheeks,etc. I have nightmares about you exploring London, you dichead It's a dangerous corner mate. What happenned to your kickboxing? I though maybe you could have left him with one irregularly shaped bollock at least one?
What on earth did I say that curled your hair? I thought I cleaned it up to NOTupset your innocence. YEAH. (ony yokin,)
I'm trying to get a note of thanks to Sir David Attenborough before he or I dies. Just to thank him for being such a terrific presenter of wildlife, and giving me so many hours of pleasure and seeing so many animals I would never have seen in my lifetime, but I don't know how or where to send the email. What an illiterater I.T. person I am. I remember you two girls and the Apple comp we bought,"Dad, we've told you ren times how to do it" And I was only playing Packman You were only 6 and Sars was 4. you pair of Smart Farks.
There are 60 inmates and about 40 have had the turds and spew' We heard they might allow visitors from tomorrow. But I wont see ma till SAT. Which reminds me. Some smart arse invaded Prepaid mobile and cleaned me out of 20 bucks. My fault actually. I put my number into a stupid question,"Do you want to know when you will die? put your number in the box and we'll tell you.
I thought it was a Life Assurance probabilities thing. But 'no' it was a scam and they took 18 bucks out of me account. Sara bought the mobile for me but she can't remeber the pass word she entered, so TELSTRA can't follow the complaint up. Fark! See you later kiddo. Lunch up. and typing one handed is only Half the farking story.
Luv yer. Try to stop giving me nightmares. paXXXX

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