Tuesday, 12 August 2008


From: John Davidson [mailto:XXCENSOREDXX@hotmail.com]
Sent: 12 August 2008 01:30
To: Emma Davidson
Subject: re: first day down, a good learning day, and lots of quids to come?

I am here only from desperation. I 'boot' up this wretched machine, one handed I might add, only to find no words of solace from one of my special friends. agen and agen. Ces't La Vie, or in my case the prevailing winds of death!
How did Monday go? Do you have to solicit bodies for jiobs or interview likely applicants for business clients?
You could be lucky and strike a rich young colt, unattached, who welcomes a good looking young 'bird' to hid mayfair condominium(left to him by a maiden aunt who died of a broken heart, because her husband, his uncle, shot through with a young filly with large knockers? Not that kind of luck, me hearty? All I can lay (me eyes on) are mostly older than meFark!
There you are. short no questions of import, except I deleted your address when I WAS CLEANING UP MY MOBILE' SENT AND INBOX LISTS. and I therefore lost your address again. Can't send you any picnics, til you give me yer address agen.
How often do you read yer emails? Why not make it daily just before you vist mrs murphy? Then you won't have any thing pressing on yer liver?
XXCENSOREDXX. XXCENSOREDXX. Jesusus that's big upwards that is. XXCENSOREDXX over the end of the bed?
Email yer dear old dad, who married yer ma so you wouldn't be a bastard, but you've got the makings, without any help from mr. Tho I taught you all I know, Miss Brilliance!
See you later....via this page. L v from yer pa. XXXX

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