Saturday, 5 December 2009


And it is a shame when everyone else finds out about it...

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Best Day Of My Life, originally uploaded by Lektrogirl.

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Ta-Dah! I have an announcement to make.

Valeria and I have been working on a new development called:


We decided that was going very well, but to be fair to all the people we had collected, we should be also posting ourselves online. As well as creating instead of just collection. And we are equally obsessed with sex, lust and most of all, losing. So we started a thing in wordpress - it isnt really a blog - that is like a skeleton we will fill with blood, sperm and broken hearts to flesh it out. Sadly, we haven't wuite resolved how we will deal with some of the more recent posts are actually historical - you might be looking for updates but we have been scanning in stuff that gets archives in 2005... actually I don't know why I said that "to be fair" business. Like who cares? They didn't.

Anyway, some things about [osl is said like asshole btw]

DEFINITELY not safe for work [Air Commodore is leaving his job anyway]
DEFINITELY gonna have gross private stuff on there about V & I that you might be too grossed out to inspect [Feel a bit weird about The Cardinal looking - she's such a lady]

So I think I have been clear enough. Something is just nice and nothing too.

Et voila

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 18 April 2009


I love us.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 14 January 2009


OMG this has to be one of the most exciting days of my life! Today I have to go to The Royal Courts of Justice on The Strand and make an appearance.

First of all I was walking across Lincoln's Fields at a time I would usually still be in bed and got to see all the morning things I usually dont: screwed up raspberries still fresh on the pavement before the pigeons got them and men in boring suits carrying briefcases. Not a lot to miss out on but the fresh air was great.

Cause I had to dress like a dweeb, here is part of my underwear that made me feel better.

Then I got to the courts and had to go through a security check like at the airport. And then I guess I was overcome by everything and had to go and do a poo. So TMI you may say but relevant to the story. As grand as the building is, the toilets we not up to par - untidy, ill equipt. Really poor form. I mean there actally toilets in there but you know where you have those dreams where you walk into the basement somewhere looking for the toilet and its all damp and full of weirdos and the doors don't shut - or maybe that is just my version of the going to school in your pyjamas dream.

So anyway I was looking for my case on the boards and couldn't see it. I spoke to two incredibly stupid women who couldn't help me and I spoke to one incredibly smart man who could. I'm now in apostrophe checking out all the solicitors having morning coffee meeting before appearing. None of them are hot. Which goes to show that even on TV in all the cop shows there is an element of truth in their depiction of the legal system - solicitors and lawyers are never hot - it is the detectives and CSI's that are the babes.

Xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 1 December 2008



So I got asked to offer my opinion on this matter for the French Vice - what song a guy should send me if he was secretly in love with me but never told me - and you can read the whole thing here.

J'ai écrit:

Del Shannon - Runaway
Emma Lektrogirl : " J'ai entendu cette chanson pour la première fois alors que j'étais encore petite fille, et elle a provoqué des trucs qui s'appelaient "le désir", "la luxure" et "un chagrin d'amour". C'était la première fois que je ressentais ces émotions d'adultes, et ça m'a donné envie de briser des coeurs à mon tour - tellement fort que ma victime se saisirait de sa guitare pour chanter des trucs sur moi. Si quelqu'un m'envoyait cette chanson, je saurais qu'il m'appartient à la vie à la mort. Maintenant que je me relis, je ne sais pas vraiment si c'est très correct de vous raconter l'histoire d'une petite fille qui a commencé à mouiller à l'âge de 6 ans... Alors du coup, je vais plutôt choisir ce morceau là :

Kap Bambino - New Breath
Envoyez lui cette chanson si vous voulez la baiser parce qu'elle vous fait vous sentir vivant. Avec Kap Bambino, vous lui faîtes savoir qu'après ça, votre vie ne sera plus jamais la même.

Other contributors offered: Foo Fighters - Walking after you, Elton John - This Is Your Song, R.Kelly - You Remind Me Of My Jeep, Motörhead & Girlschool - Please Don't Touch, Frank Sinatra - My Funny Valentine, X-RAY SPEX - Germ Free Adolescent, The Moldy Peaches - Anyone Else But You, Ride - Drive Blind, 10cc - The things we do for love.

The piece was put together after the guys at VICE France did this thing which they thought were songs that they should send girls. The selection is equally mismatched and horrible.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 12 November 2008


My Love Life, originally uploaded by Lektrogirl.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2008


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Sunday, 9 November 2008


So Sarah and Grissom are no longer together, their relationship withered as he couldn't make up his mind. Now Grissom is in Lady Heather's upstairs bedroom asking her to stay. As painful as they are, stories of breaking hearts, lust and longing and dreams that never come true are so attractive to me. And I guess why I end up in the world of lost loves with a pair of kiddies knickers on my dining room table and my heart feels like I swallowed a stone.

That is why I am so in love with some of the pictures I collect for which I am relieved to say is now back online.

Tomorrow I will continue on my picture framing mission. I have pictures of cancers and illustrations of eruptive fevers from antique books, gems and flowers, naked ladies and drive in porn movie posters. I am looking forward to the next lot of London guests who may come my way. I will also put together a proposal for a video that I would like to make for Appareil for their song "Sex Attack" [which I have blogged about before].

Also in other news: Drx, Role Model and I have all swapped Wii numbers. We can swap Mii's... I only have two Mii's at the moment, me and my boyfriend who is a black guy called Wasteman. I made him tall and skinny like Snoop Dogg.

And this from harriet_the_spy is worth a note.

Trying To Start A Meme

What's the oldest item of clothing you own? I've had this PJ top since I was nine or ten and watched my breasts develop under its thin cotton M&S comfort: 'Take It Easy' you sheep.

I will get around to doing this one day only I feel disadvantaged cause my really old stuff is at home in Australia and probably in Mum's polishing rag basket by now. I'm sure to have some old NIKE tops from when I was in my Sporty Spice phase though if I dig deep enough. To elucidate on the Sporty Spice phase: It was actually when I was going to Rephlex Raves "back in the day" wearing things like neon pink Speedo swimming costume with a massive zipper down the back, combat trousers, a red Helmut Lang tulle vest and giant Nike trainers back in 1996. And made up like a cosmetic counter exploded in my face.

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 3 November 2008


So I have made a little video to go with an old old song from am old old boyfriend of mine Antoine Catala. He is an artist now that I have taught him everything I know [LOL] and he has made some great work. At the moment, he is in Pittsburg working on some exhibition with other people in it like Jacob my buddy from Paperrad

And there I was thinking I had a weird weekend. I just heard a very beautiful love story from a male friend who ended up sucking the dick of an Arab in a park at 3am after getting drunk. But he didn't make the guy cum so the Arab got violent and pushed him, my friend fell and hurt his shoulder.

I have the best friends in the whole whole world.

A while ago I was kissing a man and I told him that he was a great kisser. He told me "So are you - but you should be with all the practise you have had." My friends know me and I love them for it. But yerrr... what he didn't know was that the way he kissed me made me forgot all the others.

I have the best friends in the whole whole world.

And recently I have been in touch with a lot of old friends. And I really like them. I feel like I really lost the way the last couple of years, but now I feel back in touch. And I want my old friends to meet my few new special friends because I know that it would be one big massive good times chill out vibes to the maximum totally bubble.

I have the best friends in the whole whole world.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 2 November 2008


There are some things that I just can't tell because they are all mine things and I don't want to share them with you. But take Bryan Adams instead. It's a banger.

I'm stupidly tired and I can want to sleep and be alone with my dreams.

Tomorrow, I will worry about - I have been approached by many different people - even a company who wants to assist because they think I can help them with amateur porn on the iPhone. Yeah big business.

I have two friends with a crisis each and I must assist them - one can't cook and the other one can't fuck someone cause she love him too much [a generalisation].

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 27 September 2008


A pleasure to look at your lovely picture and your nice profile.I must say australian princess, u sound so easy going and u write crisp and short.I am quite new to the site,infact it was yesterday,that i subscribed and got a full membership,so this is definately not the best mail you have recieved so far...........BUT,its from a very genuine man.I am a medical doctor by profession,and work in east london with the NHS.A horse rider and swimmer(not at the same time) on most sundays,although i do enjoy walks in the parks,exhibitions,cinemas,bars & restuarants,and all the normal things,like chocolates and cats.(and do not wear pointy shoes) very romantic at heart,so not shy to show the feelings(holding hands/hugs/kisses).Witty with lots of jokes for every moment,but an intelligent conversation equally stimulates my brain cells. Am kind,down to earth and very genuine.Please write back,and be in touch if u fancy.Kind regards,K******d

For a Doctor, he's has bad spelling. But then I guess that is what you get when you post a profile on dating website. This guy is not hot which is a shame or I would def email him back so we could not be shy to show each other our feeling (holding hands/hugs/kisses). I have been talking to a guy in a gorilla suit though which is going much better.

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 12 August 2008


From: John Davidson []
Sent: 12 August 2008 01:30
To: Emma Davidson
Subject: re: first day down, a good learning day, and lots of quids to come?

I am here only from desperation. I 'boot' up this wretched machine, one handed I might add, only to find no words of solace from one of my special friends. agen and agen. Ces't La Vie, or in my case the prevailing winds of death!
How did Monday go? Do you have to solicit bodies for jiobs or interview likely applicants for business clients?
You could be lucky and strike a rich young colt, unattached, who welcomes a good looking young 'bird' to hid mayfair condominium(left to him by a maiden aunt who died of a broken heart, because her husband, his uncle, shot through with a young filly with large knockers? Not that kind of luck, me hearty? All I can lay (me eyes on) are mostly older than meFark!
There you are. short no questions of import, except I deleted your address when I WAS CLEANING UP MY MOBILE' SENT AND INBOX LISTS. and I therefore lost your address again. Can't send you any picnics, til you give me yer address agen.
How often do you read yer emails? Why not make it daily just before you vist mrs murphy? Then you won't have any thing pressing on yer liver?
XXCENSOREDXX. XXCENSOREDXX. Jesusus that's big upwards that is. XXCENSOREDXX over the end of the bed?
Email yer dear old dad, who married yer ma so you wouldn't be a bastard, but you've got the makings, without any help from mr. Tho I taught you all I know, Miss Brilliance!
See you later....via this page. L v from yer pa. XXXX

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Thursday, 7 August 2008


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Thursday, 31 July 2008


The difference between men and women has nothing to do with love.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2008


The Cardinal and I spent some time tonight wondering if it was wrong to even go on a play date with a married man. I told her this is a question we need to address at our age as it will soon become relevant.

Speaking as a woman who was once married who was play dated on by her husband, I would say it is pretty tough when the news breaks. But then in my situation, the couple were actually banging. Which is why I got so pissed off. I am also one of the most jealous people on the planet you could possibly meet. [Except I had an epiphany about this yesterday and I realised I didn't want to be jealous any more and I spent today with a lifetime of jealousy about things just passing through me - experiencing it all again. Weird.]

I still remember some advice my best friends' mother gave me when I was 18 or 19: "If you can't get your own, steal someone else's." But that isn't a play date.

So play dates with married men - I don't know.

I just know that my love life isn't as rubbish as I make it out to be - there is some magic in the air - even if there is a lot of room for improvement. I dreamt someone was the archetype for all men last night. It was a super intense spiritual dream that came out of the thunderstorm.

Who knows what the future brings.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Jo Apps sang this tonight at Hot Breath Karaoke at my request. It started something deep inside of me. Which revved like an engine fuelled by double Frangelico's [my own plus the ones for Mr Chips cause he didn't like his mixed with coke] and the 2-4-1 Cocktails. I fucking changed gear by the end of the night when this came on:

And by the time I got home, Mr Chips has told me to "Fuck Off" and I was sobbing down the phone to The Twin "Ohhh my God I don't know what I am going to do!! His eyes are too close together!!!"

Already my hangover is starting to knock on my door. I am by no means sleepy after sleeping all day and not being able to sleep all night from coughing the last few nights.

Perhaps I should take the advice of the The Twin and just go to bed...

xx Lektrogirl

[P.S. this is sounding pretty tragic isn't it?! OJ LOL]

OMG and on a random note - Denzel Washington! I feel just like him when he is an alcoholic in that great movie - fuck what was it called?! I can't remember but I wrote about it before on my blog. I watched it with Seb in Hamburg. It was INCREDIBLE.

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Monday, 23 June 2008


Dear Mathieu

In celebration of our conversation this evening, I have decided to curate a new Blog exhibition called THE BORING ONE with some of my favourite pictures from V aka the 'boring' one. Who as you know, I prefer to your last girlfriend known as 'the boy'. As for poor Julie, I am sure she would prefer to remain out of all of this.

So, for the grand opening of THE BORING ONE, please scroll down to view the pictures I have selected. Which you have already seen a thousand times before.

On curating this exhibition:
I love the internet. I love that people post the post intimate things on there. The most public domain. And then, often in private, thousand of people look at it. Thousands of people could all be looking at it in private all at the same time. It is mind boggling. I love it. There is no privacy any more. I love looking for people's secrets.

Et Voila.

Photographs by .v

Taken on May 26, 2008

Tu as dit laisse-moi te mettre dans un taxi si tu rentres chez toi dans cette tenue tu vas te faire violer et tuer et on retrouvera ton corps au bois de Boulogne.
Taken on April 30, 2008

ce n'est pas privé c'est un portrait/ I need you to hold on while the sky is falling
Taken on September 8, 2007

Taken on January 2, 2008

laideur fascinante de la décoration des hôpitaux
Taken on January 11, 2008

Taken on January 11, 2008

Taken on November 30, 2007

that night I fell asleep with the light on
Taken on October 4, 2007

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Dear Mathieu

I is past two in the morning and I can't sleep. Mostly because I am thinking of a way to come to Paris - I need someone to tell all my secrets too. For the most part, my blog is wonderful but there are always other things I want to write about as well. That is why I like to talk with you. I know you are a bad father but Bunny will always climb on the knee of Europe's greatest Parisian Jew and whisper in your ear. God... I feel like I'm going a bit stir crazy tonight. What do you suggest?

I spent the day in bed watching Almodovar DVD's. Today it was Kika. There was a scene where a rapist who has escaped from prison breaks into the house of his sisters employers, fake ties up his sister and goes into the bedroom to find his sister's boss sleeping. He sticks pieces of a clementine into the pussy of the woman to taste her on the fruit. For some reason it made me think of XXCENSOREDXX and want to be lying in XXCENSOREDXX parents bed under the nude portrait they have of themselves looking out the window at the sun on the wall.

I also got an apology from XXCENSOREDXX, but XXCENSOREDXX can keep his two fingered half hearted tap on the shoulder to himself while he pretends to be all goody goody. The sad thing is, there is nothing going on and I miss his big jokes like crazy. It is so stupid. He just has an insecure girl riding his nuts.

Then there is XXCENSOREDXX. XXCENSOREDXX is my secret. And XXCENSOREDXX is who I think of the most and would be the first thing I would tell you all about. And the second. And the third.

Do you remember when we ate Burger King? I just remembered walking down Holloway Road.

D'accord. Moi je suis fatigue - ENFIN. Je vais au pieu. I hope I don't have to see that ugly boude boudin any time soon. Save a seat for me at that nice restaurant we went to last time. I will meet you there as soon as I can.

xx Emma

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Monday, 16 June 2008


Yes, I was alive yesterday cause this is what I made.

Tho' animated

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Sorry for any delays... this wont publish for some reason...

It was the Linen Anniversary for Nameless and I the other day. It felt like Friday the 13th had come a week early.

I walked all the way to the chemist to learn I left my wallet at home, had to go back to get it. Yawn. Stepped out the door again and twisted my ankle a bit on the step down and fumbled my footing. All the hot estate boys down the road with their tops off and grey sweat pants on cracked up laughing. Then I noticed one of them was the jerky French guy who thinks there are spirits in the house at the end of the road and just hangs around pestering the tenants.

When I was young, my Dad used to have this orange t-shirt that said 'Have A Nice Day' in big letters, with 'Until some bastard comes along and fucks it up for you' in little letters underneath. There are people who really try. I have some happy memories and they aren't ever gonna disappear. No matter what anyone tries to demand from me.

My Dad has been sending me really funny and cute texts lately so I haven't had much to update with the John Davidson Fan Club via email. He always texts on the weekend to ask if the Cardinal and I are on the piss and to tell us to have fun and to have one for him. He likes to know if we are chasing boys and if either of us get lucky. I'm looking forward to the weekend already cause I know that the dramas of this week will be over and that The G.A. will be sending me texts from his wheelchair at home.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 23 May 2008


I had such a wonderful night with some of my favourite people in London I the Maison B Lady Gang (pictures to follow.) And strangely, my hair smells of BDL which is the most simple pleasure and at the end of the day, the only relationship I'm into right now. Only it's a hard thing to explain.

Apparently all I write about on my blog is sex cause it's all I think about. Is that true? Is there a website for hair smelling?

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 22 May 2008


Courtesty of the MAD DECENT blog [] here is an AMAZING new mix by Bitch Ass Darius. It is INCREDIBLE.

Bitch Ass Darius - Do It 2 It Promo Mix

Bitch Ass Darius - We Can Jack

But then I am incredibly biased.

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 17 May 2008


Here is me 7 years ago - so 28. My arms are nearly as thin as the Cardinal's! I'm in Zurich, which in my opinion is the best city to spend some summer time with someone you love. There is the lake that you can swim in on a hot day. There is also the Limmat which in summer time turns into two river banks of makeshift bars so you can swim, drink and eat sausage all day and night. There is also the woods up behind all the allotments of private gardens for the city folk with their mini chalets full of tools and garden furniture. It is so pretty. In this picture, we are having a barbeque my friend and me. Bratwurst, cervelas and senf from Migros [LOL that joke about the slice of Swiss cheese and an iMac still cracks me up after all these years. You won't even remember it.] Thinking about Molfina Thunderhunter, fishing with a tin can, drilling holes and painting in the nude with all that sunshine I could almost think that time was perfect. Of course nothing ever is... Karin, Frau Wick, Monsieur Raide, DJ Bobo.

And here I am 11 years ago. JOKES. I had only been in London a year. Maybe not even.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 11 May 2008


Today was the most fantastic day ever.

2 lovely friends
2 lots of talking story

And no-one with any spite, bad vibes or ill wishes can take this away from me.

Now I just want to go walkabout and think some private things.

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 8 May 2008


Yesterday I finally got around to framing a lot of images I had been wanting to.

Here are two by Carlo Mollino. Actually he is an architect foremost, then furniture designer. He actually looks really scary if you ask me. But I love his polaroids.



less well known are mollino’s erotic polaroid photographs.
after carlo mollino died, his executors found more than 2,000 polaroid
photographs, made beginning in the 1960s, subjects are turin’s unpenitent magdalenes - most of them nude.
at one level they can be confused as little more than a genre of amateur
pornography with a disinterested will to artistic form.
the beauty of mollino's images resides primarily in the pathos and humor
of the incommensurability between the ordinariness of these women,
however lovely, and the artist's need to weave a fantasy around them.
‘every nude betrays its author’, wrote carlo mollino in 1959.

But his photography from negative was heavily retouched when printed - I really like that aspect - that the the medium of photography that is often considered documentary still isn't a finished piece yet. It is also disappointing though cause I always believe the fantasy of something. When I realise, it is a bit heart breaking.

F.Y.I. Those images I put in those Victorian ivory frames are from a book I pulled apart - they obvs aren't original! They aren't even the best reproductions - a cheap Taschen. When I realised my original Polaroids book was worth £100's I thought it best to keep it in tact...

I also framed this:

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Okay so I have mentioned before that I have a passing Web 2.0 obsession with Kevin Brewersdorf - I mean, his name sounds like a keg of beer - what is there not to like! Anyway, here is a song that I LOVE of his that I came across on his website called NO WAY from his album BABES.

So his song is on high rotation at home, but I haven't yet set my desktop to a tiled background of his album cover. Perhaps I should in testament to my fascination to this man who can light his own farts AND theorise on music and internet art. Actually this sounds like every guy nerd I know.

To read more about the making of the album BABE and to d/l it for yourself, check here.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 4 May 2008


Warrick Brown - The straight George Michael and IMHO way hotter.

This news is a few days old now but still disturbing none the less. Especially the part where he is gonna get written out at the end of the 8th series!! I PRAY that Nick Stokes doesn't go too. Watching season 6 on DVD I even have started to fancy him with the moustache.

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Have I told you all recently how much I love Teki Latex? I love him!

Today I walked in the rain all on my own through London feeling sad cause a part of my died today and it was horrible and I cried and I felt terrible. But SO relieved that all the problems I got are my own and not the weirdness of someone else. Anyway the destination of my walk was 55 Doughty Street - the old house of The G.A.

I also took a few pics of surrounding pubs that he had described to Mutts. The wind was icy and my feet got really cold. When the hell is the warmer weather coming?!

We all know I regularly dream about someone who wishes I wouldn't. Last night he was in love with my sister who for some reason looked like Jessica Simpson in daisy dukes and showing a lot of butt. I don't know how successful he would have been with her cause he was wearing a gauze nappy full of shit and rubbing himself against my leg getting a stiffy. So weird.

Time is really passing.

On a lighter note, I was walking up Tottenham Court Road with a certain friend who was going to pull something out of the oven for me and we followed for a while this trio of finely dressed chaps - what a bunch of faggasaurs!

The one on the left had the peachest butt I had ever seen - and his jeans seemed tailored to give him a girls bum. In fact what jeans were they? My friend declared they had to be Dolce and Gabbana cause 'a queen like that would go straight for the Dolce and Gabbana' [mainline obvs] but I was so confused - the label looked like those little metal plates on the Marc Jacobs bags... Can someone please fill me in on that?

The guy in the middle was like the third wheel on the bicycle. His clothes were like the look of the other two but recreated with ill fitting finds from H&M. Only he had a really nice bag.

Finally, the guy on the right had us in hysterics - what is with this heavy chambray style mix jacket with the shoulder shits with black leather gloves and dark jeans. He looked like a psycho. And the jeans... hang on a minute... "those jeans are from Celine and they don't make a men's line!" I guess he had problems walking in them cause he was as stiff as a rod all the way up the road, even when the guy from the far left came over and put his arm through his, not an inch of warm, not a leaning in, a bend of the arm, even recognition this guy existed. Maybe he was just so dead set to get to the 134 bus stop all the way home?!

Anyway - dark day - and check this out:

I cried today, walked through the wind and rain and was cold, waited half an hour for a bus that wouldn't let me on cause the machine ate my money, had to get a tube, waited in line to top up my oyster card and had no change cause I'd lost it in the bus ticket machine, realised the tube machine didn't take notes and had to go and queue up again at the window and talk to a man. AND DESPITE ALL ODDS - STILL A BABE - STILL GOT THAT PHOTOFACE TM - STILL GOT THAT VIBE - STILL GOT THAT BABE HAIR - REGULATORS!!! MOUNT UP!!

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 10 April 2008


So, my life is boring but I always find good juice on the internet. I would like you to all sit back and scroll through my latest online exhibition called 'RUDIE NUDIE SHOW' which is a collection of nude photos I have collected from eBay and Flickr.



[I was actually bidding on this picture for quite a while but it got to be more than I would spend.]


untitled-1.jpg, untitled-2.jpg, untitled-3.jpg, untitled-4.jpg



And finally, in a special section in the gallery we have this exclusive exhibition from what I believe to be an astounding photographer. This pictures are so amazing! I cannot tell you how much I love them.


Okay so house is on now. Later dudes.

xx Lektrogirl

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