Saturday, 27 September 2008


A pleasure to look at your lovely picture and your nice profile.I must say australian princess, u sound so easy going and u write crisp and short.I am quite new to the site,infact it was yesterday,that i subscribed and got a full membership,so this is definately not the best mail you have recieved so far...........BUT,its from a very genuine man.I am a medical doctor by profession,and work in east london with the NHS.A horse rider and swimmer(not at the same time) on most sundays,although i do enjoy walks in the parks,exhibitions,cinemas,bars & restuarants,and all the normal things,like chocolates and cats.(and do not wear pointy shoes) very romantic at heart,so not shy to show the feelings(holding hands/hugs/kisses).Witty with lots of jokes for every moment,but an intelligent conversation equally stimulates my brain cells. Am kind,down to earth and very genuine.Please write back,and be in touch if u fancy.Kind regards,K******d

For a Doctor, he's has bad spelling. But then I guess that is what you get when you post a profile on dating website. This guy is not hot which is a shame or I would def email him back so we could not be shy to show each other our feeling (holding hands/hugs/kisses). I have been talking to a guy in a gorilla suit though which is going much better.

xx Lektrogirl

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