Monday, 13 October 2008


Two mails in my inbox this morning - from different people of course.

From: John Davidson []
Sent: 13 October 2008 02:10
To: Emma Davidson
Subject: RE: yer feet hurt?

Thanx 4 the email. Doesn't Telstra shorthand give u the shites? Thnx my arse! I just love the telstra system. A man writes something peurile, infamously rude, belittlibg to say the least and the farkin mobile says, "message could not be sent!" that really pisses me orf. How come your feet hurt sitting down all day? Like me I imagine the bones of yer arse would be the aching points? It certainly is with ,e. I think they make wheelchair bases especially hard to remind the 'wheelchair inhabitants' that they are not thei for comfort but transport. Th e bastards.
Just printed a note from Htmail about changing my 'password' to prevent 'scams. I might change mine to 'mother's milk' which shoukd be good 4 a sucker like me. The only thing is, will I remember which boob i'm sucking on? As a good friend of mine is wont to interject-Haha ha ha. But Ithink she uses capital letters? My Haha looks different.
Just organising a bit of spring planting, salad shite mostly, garlic, spinach, rocket lettuce etc, I'd like to propogate a few persimmon trees. Beautiful fruit. Trees are worth 40 bucks each, There are 2 in my bit of garden, but I think propogation is besat in Autumn?
See you later shags, all the best ex yer DadXXXX,

well, i tried, you know.

he was, like i said, not very good in bed, but fun. we were at my place with two other of his friends. and yeah well, it was fun. Thick.... thick !!! i'm telling you !!

Each mail is as good as each other.

xx Lektrogirl

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