Saturday, 11 October 2008


from Tom Moody's blog

As I went to bed after watching Law And Order which was a brilliant episode all about Ice T getting shot and then righting wrongs from his past in his time off and the final shot was of Ice T smiling holding a red haired little baby [pissed myself laughing] I am in a pure state of mind to understand such concepts as those written on Tom Moody's blog as "Alan Liu assumes everything is about "cool" and eventually even the "uncool" gets absorbed into the "cool." That is, the computerized workplace and playplace is an all-encompassing seductive experience measured in "cool," whether it's the Ars Electronica avant garde or designers creating Facebook apps." Read it here and follow the links. Very interesting. Probably helps if like me you are listening to "Put A Donk On It" on repeat.

from cpb's tumblr

As I try to cater to everyone on this blog [except my mother and father - I mean I would love to tell you about a dream I had about my mate Mathieu and my sister but too dark if Mutts and The G.A. read it] here is some lite reading in the shape of cpb's tumblr who as it happens I met on Facebook - it turns out she is a friend of Valeria's.

And I now have a new marble of an idea rolling around inside my head on a website that uses Flickr tags based on another site I discovered last night. Along with all the other ideas have rolling around in my head [haha joke for The Cardinal: "I could make that!!"] But I have to stop thinking of new things for a while and finish all the old things like Mrs Kiplings website, tidying up the Maison B site, putting my records together for Nantes, and trying to find the floor in my bedroom.

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Blogger Madame said...

I was watching Law and Order last night too! That last slomo shot with the baby was rather over long!!!!

11 October 2008 13:03  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

god i nearly text you to watch it too but i wasnt sure if you were into the ice t episodes as i am. that rookie with the wet vest after decontamination: BUFF OR WHAT?

11 October 2008 13:09  
Blogger Madame said...

I don't remember that shot! I think that was when Nathaniel came in and said "are you watching this?" and started talking to me......ugh! Distracting!

13 October 2008 14:18  

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