Wednesday, 1 October 2008


The last two days have been so mega and weird. I sometimes wonder if I am completely detached from the world or if I have started to get the hang of that 'water off a ducks back,' 'care about the things that really matter to you,' 'you're great by I'm not that bothered' kind of vibe. I did go to sleep last night panicking a little that I would receive wee hour texts from my own personal midnight terrorist, or my father who sends me his amazing and sometimes sad texts at odd hours.

"How is my young mate? Is life still being slightly round the bend of the loo [a bit smelly and poohy?] what about the long file? Have you got him under control or pissed him orf? Has Mrs Chook cleaned up her a/c with y'rself? How's the London weather? I had a dream the other night I was in bed at 55 Doughty Street listening to the bombs on East London. The glow of the fires lit up the bedroom. Memories of youth! Farkin' wartime. Jesus. And He didn't do much to help. That's 4 sure. Love ex yer pa. xx"

And today at work it was total distasterville when one of the casual girls who decided that she knew how to do a job better and actually got it wrong got questioned about how much she had achieved and asked to complete the task as originally requested and when she didn't like what she heard, she just walked out. You know - good on her for removing herself from a situation she wasn't into, but the histrionics from before hand were a-m-a-z-i-n-g. The room was more volatile than a fireworks display on Guy Fawkes. Just FYI - we call it more simply "Cracker Night" in Australia. I didn't actually like the girl that much anyway - she spent all her time making personal calls when she thought there was no-one listening and I hate spongers in the workplace.

Tonight I wish I had a flat mate who would have cooked me some dinner that I can come home and eat and have a laugh with - for the first time in ages!! But LOL. The house is a total wreck after the last few days of me messing around in here. I cannot tell you how much I really really really need a holiday.



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