Thursday, 2 October 2008


I have LOADS to write about you know, but now I don't have time to even message my Dad back. I was going to get into work late tomorrow - so I could have time to get repeat prescriptions, pick up the post waiting for me at the PO - I have some new shoes waiting!!! - I just wanted to sleep in - I need to write up an email for Mrs Kipling [I miss you!] but my boss just called about a a situation I need to roll in and fix in the morning. But you know what? She was so polite and so decent about it I was almost thanking her at the end for calling so late. I have had other bosses that were complete trolls. But grrrr... Bed calls even though the SIX sausages I ate for dinner are still like lead bars in my stomach. I know. SIX. I was such a fool. I made a dinner of long thin things - Freudian sausages and mini zucchini. And a girl in my office and I had a conversation about how horrid really big dicks are today. Dick talk is fine but talking too much about vaginas in a female menstrual giving birth way makes me want to prolapse.

Okay folks, I miss you. You are all so cool.

xx Lektrogirl


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