Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Part of my email exchanges with Drx today. What a moment of beauty.

> dear drx
> i have to tell you of something sad i realised when you said LOLZ...
> that your english has now become good. you now speak in lolspeak. i
> know that i have been partyly intrumental in this progress. i
> remember the many hours online... i also remember the days that you
> and der_alexan would make jokes over english "enjoy yourself" etc...
> you are universal now.

I think you just lowered your standards!

But seriously, compare Hyper Hyper and Jumping all over the World, even
HP's English has improved dramatically.

Actually i am still contemplating about language constructs and what
they transport, deep deep down. Like "mounting a plane" and so on. But
i hardly make it a topic anymore because otherwise me and Olia would
only talk about this. We speak such a crap bastard language -- Russian
Grammer, English idioms, German words -- and despite us knowing each
other very very well there are still misunderstandings because of
language constructs being mixed up. So now i am more interested in
achieving clarity than fogging it or turning things on their heads.

You however are still truly geddo and often use Lunden words i don't
know the meaning of. But i got quite well at guessing it right from the
context. (As the wise BICTH ASS DARIUS once said: Any word that comes
after "shake your" is probably a new word for ass.)

Plus, English became everyone's hoe because of globalisation. All the
pimps have their wieners in her. You might indeed have lowered your
standards without noticing that much -- even the garbage French people
emit counts as proper English nowadays.

My mother tongue is a luxury: i can still enjoy it when foreigners try
to speak it. Haa-haaaa!



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