Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Swf wltm M equally desperate. not fussy about a s l. Good a n o levels, like wii n long walks in the country. But prefer 2 sit an home n play n maybe have sex not important either. Must have own nunchuck n be competitive. Gsoh a must.
Actually there are a lot of 1 player games. So dont worry.

But seriously... Finally in bed with the lights out listening to the light rain and the neighbours fucking.

Will deal with lameatnames.com tomorrow. Can anyone walk round to the postal office at Hornsey Road for me? I have a super mysterious package waiting for me and I have no clue what it is only that it is from someone special and they are keen for me to get it. I will report back in detail on this. It isn't oysters or underpants so I can't think what it could be. I love getting things in the mail.

Xx Lektrogirl


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