Thursday, 27 November 2008


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So basically in a sea of shitsville, today was pretty awesome because of the highlights. I narrowly escaped Quorn Curry for lunch sitting in a drizzly park and had a nice sandwich and a coffee instead and had - I can't think of a nice word that makes me sound totally gay and wearing cricket whites but - DELIGHTFUL lunch date with someone. And I went to kiss on the cheek and got a kiss on the lips - much better. THEN when I was sitting on my own at dinner tonight in my regular place sandwiched between the whinging office girls who were talking about having to make Power Point presentations and asking each other if someone is marriage material [errr... Cardinal... we don't sound like that do we?] and the whinging other boyf/girlf couple clutching their Carnaby St sales planner guide thing from Grazia magazine complaining that the dry dish wasn't dry enough, that they had complained at work about something 20 times and they still couldn't get the message through and ergh the clothes were cheap I REALISED I DID A GOOD JOB THIS WEEK, I'M GOING TO ZURICH TOMORROW and IT'S MY BIRTHDAY ON MONDAY.

I love Zurich. Yerrrr HERE I COME.

xx Lektrogirl


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