Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Savor kindness, originally uploaded by man_is_cargo.

For my homies at home, it has already happened, for my homies here, it is about to happen, and for my homies in the States it's gonna happen soon: HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Highlights of 2008 for me were getting mugged on Kingsland Road, being made redundant, having jizz licked off me by a dog, getting a very constipated divorce almost complete [there is still some wiping to do on that...], getting kicked off the domain hosting and having the pleasure of paying the bandwith over usage fine to boot.

On a more positive note - the propagation of the Lady Gang, the Bathroom Tiling Experience and other DIY pursuits, hanging out with The Cardinal on the regular, the inception of, meeting Valeria and working on our idea, my birthday in Zurich, the discovery of and Everlasting Polish at Nails Inc, getting my first text message from my nephew Sam, scrambled eggs at Milkbar on Bateman Street, Miller's Gin, my COS boots, playing Shithead in the park with two ace people.

And apparently according to my iTunes, the songs I listened to the most this year are:

5. Regulate : Warren G

4. Throw Some D's [DJ Godfather remix] : Rich Boy

3. Sexy Results [MSTRKRFT Edition] : Death From Above

2. Fancy Footwork : Chromeo

and in pole position like a gang of girls in slightly ill fitting foxes outfits
1. Wearing My Rolex : Wiley

All pretty MOR really aren't they!?! But they have obvs kept me entertained. A bit surprised there is no R Kelly there... If I had to pick one R Kelly it would be a toss [off] between I'm A Flirt and So Sexy.

And the top DJ mix was Fired Up Promo Mix by DJ Guy.

This is a top serious banger though.

Anyway folks, Happy New Year and I hope you all get to hear your favourite track with someone you love at midnight tonight.

xx Lektrogirl


Blogger Gash With The Cash said...

Are you trying to tell me that Same Girl doesn't come into it?

Happy new year xoxoxox

3 January 2009 00:57  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

great video with some very loving looks between r and u. BUT i have to say, the lack of real next level lyrics means it doesn't score too high for me.

if i had to pick a 'duets', what about: Rockstar with Ludacris and Kid Rock [LOL] amazing! or even tho' it is just the intro, what about Body Kiss by the Isley Brothers w L'il Kim.

god - this is so hard for me!
r kelly really is like woah.

3 January 2009 01:27  

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