Monday, 15 December 2008


Jason, me, Andy, originally uploaded by All About Eve Babitz.

Life is pretty gloomy at the moment. It comes and goes. All my mates know about this. And my mates might not do it intentionally, but every so often one of them will do something that will crack me up and send me to the outer limites of hilarityville.

Please bear witness to the picture from Miss Brooks Flickr with herself upfront in a tranny wig and JeyJon in the back ground looking a little bit surprised - I guess the reflection from the silver is shocking him out.

I could have also post the one of 'the wig' from Playboy but as she marked it friends only I guess I can't show the whole world.

xx Lektrogirl


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have your heard? Captain Jack is back with his song "Turkish Bazaar"!!1

15 December 2008 18:17  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

i don't know this at all :(

18 December 2008 08:56  
Blogger Madame said...

Ha ha ha, hadn't caught up with you blog for ages!!! Can't believe I didn't see this til today! It's the eyebrows which give me the willies today....the silver I can live with!

21 December 2008 12:27  

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