Friday, 12 December 2008


Oh so the fury I have just felt - PLEASE PLEASE be PMT. I'm trying to do the math on that this month anyway but PLEASE put this foul day and all it's misdemeanour down to something as simple as PMT. I was delayed by the tube, shitty flight, shitty fraud queries on my card at crucial moments, my phone stopped working and I totally exploded at the outsourced worker, I was too late for proper dinner, the light in the bathroom doesn't work, I couldn't find the bottle opener AND I WAS LOCKED IN MY HOTEL ROOM (admittedly it was because the door was push in the end - v humiliating...)

I life is better now I'm watching all the 'minority' community TV shows and eating the room service dinner with a gin and tonic at last. There is a model ship in my room in a glass case with a tiny little captain. I wish I had a travel partner though who could laugh at me how furious I get over nothing. There is a picture of me in the hotel in Paris screaming down a phone line after I looked out our window and saw the mountain of dirty bed linen thrown down from every floor by the cleaners. Suffice to say we pulled the rip cord on that quick smart. looking back at the picture though it was massive LOLS.

I'm in Gamla Stan and will be hobnobbing with the rich fur wearing foreigners tomorrow when I have breakfast. Maybe I have it in my room instead... Oh a partner in crime - I will kneel by my bed tonight and pray that you will come to me soon.



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