Saturday, 13 December 2008


Today didn't actually start any better than last night ended from the shower being cold, to realising all the things in the hotel room which were missing were right in front of me all along. Plus some other stuff but at least it isnt waking up next to red pants and a harmonica. Further to hearing about that guy, I have been told since he is left wing and wears kind of pointy shoes. Also that her best friend saw him and said 'Oh God you didn't???!!!!' There has to be something about him or she wouldn't bother. But then even a loser has something about them.

I'm in a cafe now surrounded by people fika-ing and giant black and white photos of Marilyn Monroe and all the Jameses - Dean, Bond etc and the staff all wear Santa hats and we are listening to Christmas tunes. Another coconut hell of sorts, but I don't think I can try and fight it in Gamla Stan today - it looks a lot like that everywhere. One thing I have noted - Swedish people are incredibly hot when they are young. But when they are old, they don't seem as well preserved as some other nationalities. BUT actually I think this might be due to a more healthy mental attitude towards ageing. Which I realise at 36 I have to start considering... LOL...

The conversation at the table next to me is in English and it is between a middle aged couple - the woman is Swedish and the guy is also Scandinavian but don't know where. They are talking about abortion and rape. Happy brunch everyone.

Xx Lektrogirl


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