Sunday, 7 December 2008


BAD lipstick, originally uploaded by Lektrogirl.

I woke up this morning with more than a generous amount of hangover and sick feeling. And then Bitch Ass Darius rang me. Funny isn't it - almost like I willed him back into my life [or he read my blog.] So in the wee hours of the morning we had a little talk and he wished me happy birthday and then I had to get up and sleep on the sofa for a while because I like it there.

I walked the telephone box just outside the pub on Archway Road, some guy stopped and pulled something out his mouth and gobbed a giant mouthful of blood in the street.

When I walked home in the dark tonight, a man walked behind one of the raised garden beds and pulled his dick out and asked if I wanted to look. Needless to say I wasn't particularly interested.

Now I am here talking to you.

xx Lektrogirl


Blogger Sara T said...

girl this photo of you is fuckin HOT

9 December 2008 06:17  

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