Friday, 5 December 2008


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Last night I trailed the West End exhausted from another complicated week at work, heavy hearted and wanting to see my little niece and nephews. I had a number of options: answer the phone when Antoinette rang [sorry I didn't but I was eating food at a table next to this really horrid kid] and make a plan for Top Nice OR OR OR do what I generally do when I'm feeling a bit fugly and wanting a hug from a thug and that is went shopping for a new bra. We all know I don't need it. It turns out my old friend Noriko now works at Agent Provocateur - and she looks super hot in the uniform. After making her get me 200000 different things to try on, I didn't purchase anything and went back to Myla and bought the feathered bra from the most stupid shop assistant on earth. Her name is Judith. A bit older than middle aged and was wearing a knee length pencil skirt with knee high lace socks. I could have got the same bra in purple but thought it looked a bit like my tits had grown a comedy beards and went for the peach coloured feathers instead. Of course I felt much better afterwards. I came home, watched some brilliant episodes of Law And Order SVU, then slept on the sofa for a while as I usually do. Actually even when I have someone staying over I have to get up and sleep on the sofa for a while - I'm sure it freaks them out...

So here is another attempt at a haiku to put my feelings as to why I do that into some kind of nutshell:

I slept on the couch
It's complicated I know
You are far away

xx Lektrogirl


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